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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20143D-Interactive-depth generation and object segmentation from Holoscopic imageAlazawi, E; Cosmas, J; Swash, MR; Abbod, M; Fatah, OA
20195G PPP Architecture Working Group View on 5G ArchitectureCosmas, J; Jawad, N; Salih, M; Redana, S; Bulakci, O
2018Adaptive averaging channel estimation for DVB-T2 systemsZettas, Spiridon
2014Adopting multiview pixel mapping for enhancing quality of holoscopic 3D scene in parallax barriers based holoscopic 3D displaysSwash, MR; Abdulfatah, O; Alazawi, E; Kalganova, T; Cosmas, J
2007Analysis of cyclic delay diversity on DVB-H systems over spatially correlated channelZhang, Y; Cosmas, J; Loo, KK; Bard, M; Bari, RD
2008Analysis of DVB-H network coverage with the application of transmit diversityZhang, Y; Zhang, CH; Cosmas, J; Loo, KK; Owens, T; Bari, RD; Lostenlan, Y; Bard, M
2018Artificial intelligence system for continuous affect estimation from naturalistic human expressionsAbd Gaus, Yona Falinie
2022Brain signal recognition using deep learningDatta, Sahil
2012Cognitive radio systems in LTE networksAl-Dulaimi, Anwer
2016A comparison between heuristic and machine learning techniques in fall detection using Kinect v2Amini, A; Banitsas, K; Cosmas, J
2022contextually and identity aware 5G servicesAli, Kareem
2009Converged digital TV services: The role of middleware and future directions of interactive televisionTsekleves, E; Cosmas, J; Aggoun, A; Loo, J
2009Cooperating broadcast and cellular conditional access system for digital televisionShirazi, Hamidreza
2010A cooperative cellular and broadcast conditional access system for Pay-TV systemsShirazi, H; Cosmas, J; Cutts, D
2018Cost efficient 5G heterogeneous base station deployment using meta-heuristicsAondoakaa, David Tyona
2016CRS interference cancellation algorithm for heterogeneous networkLuo, H; Li, W; Zhang, Y; Huang, L-K; Cosmas, J; Ni, Q
2002Customized television: Standards compliant advanced digital televisionBais, M; Cosmas, J; Dosch, C; Engelsberg, A; Erk, A; Hansen, PS; Healey, P; Klungsoeyr, GK; Mies, R; Ohn, JR; Paker, Y; Pearmain, A; Pedersen, L; Sandvand, A; Schaefer, R; Schoonjans, P; Stamnitz, P
28-Sep-2022Deep learning integrated reinforcement learning for adaptive beamforming in B5G networksEappen, G; Cosmas, J; T, S; A, R; Nilavalan, R; Thomas, J
2004Demonstrating the feasibility of standardized application program interfaces that will allow mobile/portable terminals to receive services combining UMTS and DVB-THeidkamp, B; Pohl, A; Schiek, U; Klinkenberg, F; Hynynen, J; Sieber, A; Christ, P; Owens, TJ; Cosmas, J; Itagaki, T; Sun, F
2014Design guidelines for developing customised serious games for Parkinson’s Disease rehabilitation using bespoke game sensorsParaskevopoulos, IT; Tsekleves, E; Craig, C; Whyatt, C; Cosmas, J