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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Jun-2017Can multisensorial media improve learner experience?Zou, L; Tal, I; Covaci, A; Ibarrola, E; Ghinea, G; Muntean, GM
8-Dec-2021Content-rich and Expansive Virtual Environments Using Passive Props As World AnchorsWheeler, SG; Hoermann, S; Lindeman, RW; Ghinea, G; Covaci, A
20-Nov-2019Do I Smell Coffee? The Tale of a 360° Mulsemedia ExperienceComsa, IS; Saleme, EB; Covaci, A; Assres, GM; Trestian, R; Saibel Santos, CA; Ghinea, G
13-Sep-2019How Do We Experience Crossmodal Correspondent Mulsemedia Content?Covaci, A; Saleme, EB; Mesfin, G; Hussain, N; Kani-Zabihi, E; Ghinea, G
10-Oct-2020The influence of human factors on 360<sup>∘</sup> mulsemedia QoESaleme, EB; Covaci, A; Assres, G; Comsa, IS; Trestian, R; Santos, CAS; Ghinea, G
23-Jul-2018Inverse and transitivity of cross-modal correspondence in mulsemediaMesfin, G; Hussain, N; Covaci, A; Ghinea, G
2018Is Multimedia Multisensorial? - A Review of Mulsemedia SystemsCovaci, A; Zhou, L; Tal, I; Muntean, G-M; Ghinea, G
6-Jan-2022Multisensory 360 Videos Under Varying Resolution Levels Enhance PresenceCovaci, A; Bissoli Saleme, E; Assres, G; Comsa, IS; Trestian, R; Saibel Santos, CA; Ghinea, G
6-Jan-2018Multisensory games-based learning - lessons learnt from olfactory enhancement of a digital board gameCovaci, A; Ghinea, G; Lin, CH; Huang, SH; Shih, JL
8-Mar-2022One planet: one health. A call to support the initiative on a global science–policy body on chemicals and wasteBrack, W; Barcelo Culleres, D; Boxall, ABA; Budzinski, H; Castiglioni, S; Covaci, A; Dulio, V; Escher, BI; Fantke, P; Kandie, F; Fatta-Kassinos, D; Hernández, FJ; Hilscherová, K; Hollender, J; Hollert, H; Jahnke, A; Kasprzyk-Hordern, B; Khan, SJ; Kortenkamp, A; Kümmerer, K; Lalonde, B; Lamoree, MH; Levi, Y; Lara Martín, PA; Montagner, CC; Mougin, C; Msagati, T; Oehlmann, J; Posthuma, L; Reid, M; Reinhard, M; Richardson, SD; Rostkowski, P; Schymanski, E; Schneider, F; Slobodnik, J; Shibata, Y; Snyder, SA; Fabriz Sodré, F; Teodorovic, I; Thomas, KV; Umbuzeiro, GA; Viet, PH; Yew-Hoong, KG; Zhang, X; Zuccato, E
3-Jan-2020QoE of cross-modally mapped Mulsemedia: an assessment using eye gaze and heart rateMesfin, G; Hussain, N; Kani-Zabihi, E; Covaci, A; Saleme, EB; Ghinea, G
25-Sep-2018A study on the quality of experience of crossmodal mulsemediaCovaci, A; Kani-Zabihi, E; Mesfin, G; Andres, F; Hussain, N; Ghinea, G
23-Jul-2018Towards augmenting multimedia QoE with wearable devices: Perspectives from an empirical studyHussain, N; Mesfin, G; Covaci, A; Ghinea, G
2-Jun-2019Using eye tracking and heart-rate activity to examine crossmodal correspondences QoE in MulsemediaMesfin, G; Hussain, N; Covaci, A; Ghinea, G