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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Artificial intelligence and multiple criteria decision making approach for a cost-effective RFID-enabled tracking management systemDukyil, Abdulsalam Saleh
2020Capacitive Transfer Cable and Its Performance in Comparison with Conventional Solid Insulated CableYang, Y; Darwish, M; Moghadam, M; Quennell, D; Hajiloo, A
30-Sep-2020Comparative Analysis of High Voltage Battery Pack Cells for Electric VehicleSehil, K; Darwish, M; Marouchos, CC; Jeans, WC
2017Comparison of a PWM Inverter and a Multilevel Inverter using the Switching Function Analysis for Harmonic Content and EfficiencyPaterakis, F; Marouchos, CC; Darwish, M; Nafpaktitis, D
2016Current-source-based low frequency inverter topologyMoghadam, Mansour Salehi
2017DC/AC inverter based switched capacitor circuit topology with reduced number of components for low power applicationsBin Mohd Rozlan, Mohd Helmy Hakimie
22-Jul-2017Design and optimization of an RFID-enabled passport tracking systemDukyil, A; Mohammed, A; Darwish, M
3-Sep-2019Design and Simulation of Passive and active filters : A proposed Implementation for East Coast Mainline RailwayChowdry, M; Darwish, M; Janbey, A; Amreiz, H
2017Development of a statistical model for household electrical appliances: a case study Hillingdon Borough of London in the UKSheboniea, Mussa A M
2016Development of alternative pulse width modulation methods for conventional and multilevel voltage source invertersPaterakis, Fotis Konstantinos
20-Nov-2018Effective Power Management in a Stand-alone PV SystemSehil, K; Darwish, M
2015Effects of overvoltage on power consumptionDimitriadis, Panagiotis
-Efficiency Investigation of a Grid Connected PV System with Power SmoothingIoannou, S; Argyrou, MC; Marouchos, CC; Darwish, M
7-Nov-2019Efficiency Investigation of A Protection and Correction Solid State Device for Low-Voltage Distribution NetworksIoannou, S; Marouchos, CC; Darwish, M; Putrus, GA
2016Electrical power energy optimization at hydrocarbon industrial plant using intelligent algorithmsAl-Hajri, Muhammad T
30-Sep-2020Emulation of Series and Shunt Reactor CompensationAmreiz, H; Janbey, A; Darwish, M
7-Nov-2019Energy Efficient Snubber NetworksDarwish, M; Marouchos, CC; Janbey, A; Amreiz, H
2016Energy management in hospitals: A case study of the Saudi Ministry of HealthAlhurayess, Saleh
2016The Equal Areas Pulse Width Modulation (EAPWM) Method: An alternative approach to programmed PWM schemesNafpaktitis, D; Paterakis, F; Darwish, M; Hloupis, G
2020Fault Detection and Classification in MMC-HVDC Systems using Learning MethodsNandi, A; Wang, Q; Yu, Y; Ahmed, HOA; Darwish, M