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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Comparison of a PWM Inverter and a Multilevel Inverter using the Switching Function Analysis for Harmonic Content and EfficiencyPaterakis, F; Marouchos, CC; Darwish, M; Nafpaktitis, D
2016Current-source-based low frequency inverter topologyMoghadam, Mansour Salehi
2017DC/AC inverter based switched capacitor circuit topology with reduced number of components for low power applicationsBin Mohd Rozlan, Mohd Helmy Hakimie
2017Development of a statistical model for household electrical appliances: a case study Hillingdon Borough of London in the UKSheboniea, Mussa A M
2016Development of alternative pulse width modulation methods for conventional and multilevel voltage source invertersPaterakis, Fotis Konstantinos
2015Effects of overvoltage on power consumptionDimitriadis, Panagiotis
2016Electrical power energy optimization at hydrocarbon industrial plant using intelligent algorithmsAl-Hajri, Muhammad T
2016Energy management in hospitals: A case study of the Saudi Ministry of HealthAlhurayess, Saleh
2014Harmonic correction in power supplies feeding non-linear loadsDimitriadis, P; Darwish, M
2016A high efficiency photovoltaic inverter system configuration with maximum power point trackingAlqarni, Mohammed
2016Impact of high penetration of renewable energy sources on the relay coordination of distribution systemOlatoke, Abraham Oladele
2017Impact of hybrid distributed generation allocation on short circuit currents in distribution systemsAfifi, Sara Nader
2015Investigation into using Stand-Alone Building Integrated Photovoltaic System (SABIPV) as a fundamental solution for Saudi rural areas and studying the expected impactsAlbaz, Abdulkarim
-Investigation of the Switched Inductor Circuit for Harmonics CompensationArgyrou, MC; Marouchos, CC; Darwish, M; Iosif, E; Paterakis, F
2017An Investigation of the Switched-Capacitor Circuit as a Solid-State Fault Current Limiting and Interrupting Device (FCLID) with Power Factor Correction Suitable for Low-Voltage Distribution NetworkMarouchos, CC; Putrus, GA; Darwish, M; Paterakis, F
2016Losses and cost optimisation of PV multilevel voltage source inverter with integrated passive power filtersAlamri, Basem Rashid
2014Modular OrCAD simulation approach in teaching power electronicsDarwish, M; Marouchos, C
2014Online control of AC/AC converter based SHEPWM techniqueHashem, GM; Darwish, M
2016An optimization approach for a RFID-enabled passport tracking systemDukyil, A; Mohammed, A; Darwish, M
2017Optimum Design of Passive Power Filter (PPF) at the output of 5-level CHB-MLI using Genetic Algorithm (GA)Marouchos, C; Darwish, M