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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Austerity Neoliberalism: a new discursive formationDe Benedictis, S; Gill, R
1-Jul-2012Feral Parents: austerity parenting under neoliberalismDe Benedictis, S
1-Nov-2021'I wanted to offer my sympathy ... woman to woman': Reading The Crown during a conjuncture of crisisClancy, L; De Benedictis, S
2017'Love Birth, Hate One Born Every Minute?' Birth community discourse around televised childbirthRoberts, J; De Benedictis, S; Spiby, H
2019#MeToo, popular feminism and the news: A content analysis of UK newspaper coverageDe Benedictis, S; Orgad, S; Rottenberg, C
16-Dec-2022Periods of Austerity: The emergence of “period poverty” in UK news mediaDe Benedictis, S
2017Portraying Poverty: The Economics and Ethics of Factual Welfare TelevisionDe Benedictis, S; Allen, K; Jensen, T
4-Oct-2018Quantitative insights into televised birth: A content analysis of One Born Every MinuteDe Benedictis, S; Johnson, C; Roberts, J; Spiby, H
8-Dec-2020Reflecting on 10 years of Maternal StudiesDe Benedictis, S
2015The ‘stay-at-home’ mother, postfeminism and neoliberalism: Content analysis of UK news coverageOrgad, S; De Benedictis, S
2014Thinking with ‘White Dee’: The Gender Politics of ‘Austerity Porn’Allen, K; Tyler, I; De Benedictis, S
10-Nov-2016Watching One Born Every Minute: Negotiating the terms of the 'good birth'De Benedictis, S
1-Aug-2019Welfare imaginaries at the interregnumJensen, T; Allen, K; De Benedictis, S; Garthwaite, K; Patrick, R