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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002The assessment of posture and balance post-strokeTyson, Sarah F
2003Changes in the quality of life in severely disabled people following provision of powered indoor/outdoor chairsDavies, A; De Souza, LH; Frank, AO
2016Clinical features of children and adults with a muscular dystrophy using powered indoor/outdoor wheelchairs (EPIOCs): disease features, comorbidities and complications of disability.De Souza, LH; Frank, AO
2001Conservative management of low back painDe Souza, LH; Frank, AO
2001Cultural influences on low back pain - Extending the biopsychosocial modelMcAuley, James Henry
2008Dealing with chronic pain: Giving voice to the experiences of mothers with chronic pain and their childrenEvans, S; De Souza, LH
1996Describing race, ethnicity, and culture in medical research. Self defined ethnicity is unhelpfulMcAuley, J; De Souza, LH; Sharma, V; Robinson, I; Main, CJ; Frank, AO
2002Developing, testing and refining a physiotherapy model of care for acute low back painWand, Benedict Martin
1999The development of a scale of the Guttman Type for the assessment of mobility disability in multiple sclerosisDe Souza, LH
2012The effect of anodal transcranial direct current stimulation on spatial motor skill learning in healthy and spinal cord injured humansAshworth-Beaumont, Jim
2012The effect of Core Stability Exercises (CSE) on trunk sagittal accelerationAluko, Augustine
2-Jul-2018The experience of low back pain in people with incomplete spinal cord injury in the USA, UK and GreeceMichailidou, C; Marston, L; De Souza, LH
2007Experiences of living with chronic back pain: The physical disabilitiesDe Souza, LH; Frank, AO
1-Oct-2021Exploring the interplay of theory and the lived experience to re-consider physical activity in community dwelling people with Multiple SclerosisStennett, AM; De Souza, LH; Norris, M
2010Life satisfaction, self-efficacy and religious faith in stroke patients living in KuwaitOmu, Onutobor
2012Low back pain, quality of life and function in people with incomplete spinal cord injury in USA, UK and GreeceMichailidou, Christina
2010Metamemory in multiple sclerosisClaffey, Austin M
2004The nature of care giving in a community sample of people with multiple sclerosisO'Hara, L; De Souza, LH; Ide, L
2005Neck pain and disability: A cross-sectional survey of the demographic and clinical characteristics of neck pain seen in a rheumatology clinicFrank, AO; De Souza, LH; Frank, CA
2012Non-invasive brain stimulation as a novel approach to the treatment of chronic non-specific low back painO’Connell, Neil Edward