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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008The Australian Research Quality Framework: A live experiment in capturing the social, economic, environmental, and cultural returns of publicly funded researchDonovan, C
2013Beyond the 'postmodern university'Donovan, C
2006The chequered career of a cryptic conceptDonovan, C
2004Citation and content analysisDonovan, C
2014Creating #havoc: A holistic approach to valuing our cultureDonovan, C
2014Evaluation of the impact of National Breast Cancer Foundation-funded researchDonovan, C; Butler, L; Butt, AJ; Jones, TH; Hanney, SR
2017For Ethical 'Impactology'Donovan, C
2016From multiversity to postmodern universityDonovan, C
2016Governing culture: legislators, interpreters and accountantsDonovan, C; O'Brien, D
2009Gradgrinding the social sciences: The politics of metrics of political scienceDonovan, C
2014Impact agendaDonovan, C
2007Introduction: Future pathways for science policy and research assessment: metrics vs peer review, quality vs impactDonovan, C
2018Introduction: Gendered innovations in the social sciencesJenkins, F; Keane, H; Donovan, C
2018Introduction: Measuring the impact of arts and humanities research in EuropeDonovan, C; Gulbrandsen, M
2018Measuring research impact: A large cancer research funding programme in AustraliaBowden, J; Sargent, N; Wesslingh, S; Size, L; Donovan, C; Miller, C
2006The problem of political science and practical politicsDonovan, C; Larkin, P
2017A review of literature on evaluating the scientific, social, and political impact of social sciences and humanities researchReale, E; Avramov, D; Donovan, C; Flecha, R; Holm, P; Kanhial, K; Larkin, C; Lepori, B; Mosoni-Fried, J; Oliver, E; Primeri, E; Puigvert, L; Scharnhorst, A; Schubert, A; Soler, M; Soòs, S; Sordé, T; Travis, C; Van Horik, R
2012Tracing the wider impacts of biomedical research: A literature search to develop a novel citation categorisation techniqueJones, TH; Donovan, C; Hanney, S
2016University-industry teaching collaborations: a case study of the MSc in structural integrity co-produced by Brunel University London and The Welding InstituteSamuel, G; Donovan, C; Lee, J
2018Work (still) in Progress: Establishing the value of gendered innovations in the social sciencesJenkins, F; Keane, H; Donovan, C