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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-May-2019Accounting society’s acceptability of carbon taxes: Expectations and realityMcLaughlin, C; Elamer, A; Glen, T; AlHares, A; Gaber, HR
10-Jul-2024Antecedents and consequences of intellectual capital: a systematic review, integrated framework, and agenda for future researchAbdallah, A; Amin, H; Abdelghany, M; Elamer, A
14-Oct-2021Audit committee diversity and corporate scandals: Evidence from the UKMcLaughlin, C; Armstrong, S; Moustafa, MW; Elamer, A
2019Auditors’ ethical reasoning in developing countries: the case of EgyptAbdelhak, EE; Elamer, A; AlHares, A; McLaughlin, C
19-Oct-2020Biodiversity and Extinction Accounting for Sustainable Development: A Systematic Literature Review and Future Research DirectionsRoberts, L; Hassan, A; Elamer, A; Nandy, M
13-Sep-2021The Convergence of Big Data and Accounting: Innovative Research OpportunitiesIbrahim, AEA; Elamer, A; Ezat, AN
2022Corporate accountability for biodiversity and species extinction: A systematic literature review and empirical evidenceRoberts, Lee
7-Jul-2020Corporate governance, ownership structure and capital structure: Evidence from Chinese real estate listed companiesFeng, Y; Hassan, A; Elamer, A
6-Oct-2018The corporate governance–risk-taking nexus: evidence from insurance companiesElamer, A; AlHares, A; Ntim, CG; Benyazid, I
15-Jul-2024Corporate tax avoidance and firm value: The moderating role of environmental, social and governance (ESG) ratingsElamer, A; Boulhaga, M; Ibrahim, BA
14-Feb-2022The development of corporate governance literature in Malaysia: a systematic literature review and research agendaKhatib, SFA; Abdullah, DF; Elamer, A; Hazaea, SA
29-Mar-2023Economic policy uncertainty, renewable energy and environmental degradation: Evidence from EgyptSelmey, M; Elamer, A
2-Apr-2020The effect of age, gender and noise sensitivity on the liking of food in the presence of background noiseAlamir, MA; AlHares, A; Hansen, KL; Elamer, A
4-Oct-2021The Effect of Vice-Chancellor Characteristics and Internal Governance Mechanisms on Voluntary Disclosures in UK Higher Education InstitutionsElmagrhi, MH; Ntim, CG; Wang, Y; Elamer, A; Crossley, R
10-Sep-2022Environmental Performance and Corporate Innovation in China: The Moderating Impact of Firm OwnershipUllah, F; Jiang, P; Elamer, A; Owusu, A
2022Essays on sustainability reporting quality, sustainability-oriented innovation, disruptive technologies and resilience in the construction sector: The case of the UAEZadeh Kazemi, Maha
2024Extended audit reporting: Evidence from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)Al-Asmakh, Sara Abdulla
20-May-2021The Future of Non-Financial Businesses Reporting: Learning from the Covid-19 PandemicHassan, A; Elamer, A; Lodh, S; Roberts, L; Nandy, M
23-Nov-2021Global trends in board diversity research: A bibliometric viewKhatib, SFA; Abdullah, DF; Elamer, A; Yahaya, IS; Owusu, A
4-Nov-2022The Impact of COVID-19 on the Relationship between Non-Renewable Energy and Saudi Stock Market Sectors Using Wavelet Coherence Approach and Neural NetworksElamer, A; Elbialy, BA; Alsaab, KA; Khashan, MA