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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-May-2019Accounting society’s acceptability of carbon taxes: Expectations and realityMcLaughlin, C; Elamer, A; Glen, T; AlHares, A; Gaber, HR
2019Auditors’ ethical reasoning in developing countries: the case of EgyptAbdelhak, EE; Elamer, A; AlHares, A; McLaughlin, C
6-Oct-2018The corporate governance–risk-taking nexus: evidence from insurance companiesElamer, A; AlHares, A; Ntim, CG; Benyazid, I
2019The impact of multi-layer governance on bank risk disclosure in emerging markets: The case of Middle East and North AfricaElamer, A; Ntim, CG; Abdou, HA; Zalata, A; Elmagrhi, M
5-Jul-2018The impact of risk committee on financial performance of UK financial institutionsElamer, A; Benyazid, I
17-Oct-2019The influence of institutional context on corporate social responsibility disclosure: a case of a developing countryAlshbili, I; Elamer, A
2019Integrated reporting in UK higher education institutionsAdhikariparajul, M; Hassan, A; Fletcher, M; Elamer, A
2019Ownership types, corporate governance and corporate social responsibility disclosures: Empirical evidence from a developing countryAlshbili, I; Elamer, A; Beddewela, E
31-Jul-2019Sharia Supervisory Boards, Governance Structures and Operational Risk Disclosures: Evidence from Islamic Banks in MENA CountriesElamer, A; Ntim, C; Abdou, H; Pyke, C
7-May-2019The Vocational Skills Gap in Accounting Education Curricula: Empirical Evidence from the UKAlshbili, I; Elamer, A
2019Voluntary assurance of sustainability reporting: Evidence from an emerging economyHassan, A; Elamer, A; Sobhan, N; Fletcher, M