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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Jul-2020Are bank risk disclosures informative? Evidence from debt marketsElamer, AA; Ntim, CG; Abdou, HA; Owusu, A; Elmagrhi, M; Ibrahim, AEA
9-Mar-2021A bibliometric analysis of cash holdings literature: Current status, development, and agenda for future researchKhatib, SFA; Abdullah, DF; Hendrawaty, E; Elamer, AA
11-Mar-2020Board Structure and Corporate R&D Intensity: Evidence from Forbes Global 2000AlHares, A; Elamer, AA; Alshbili, I; Moustafa, MW
2019A compromise between the temperature difference and performance in a standing wave thermoacoustic refrigeratorAlamir, MA; Elamer, AA
2018Corporate boards, ownership structures and corporate disclosures: Evidence from a developing countryAlnabsha, A; Abdou, HA; Ntim, CG; Elamer, AA
29-Aug-2020Corporate governance and earnings management nexus: Evidence from the UK and Egypt using neural networksAbdou, HA; Ellelly, NN; Elamer, AA; Hussainey, K; Yazdifar, H
2-Aug-2020Corporate governance and performance in sports organisations: The case of UK premier leaguesMalagila, JK; Zalata, AM; Ntim, CG; Elamer, AA
3-Jun-2020Do life-cycle costing and assessment integration support decision-making towards sustainable development?Atia, NG; Bassily, MA; Elamer, AA
20-Aug-2020The effect of auditor type on audit quality in emerging markets: Evidence from EgyptEl-Dyasty, MM; Elamer, AA
7-Mar-2021The effect of ownership structure and board characteristics on auditor choice: Evidence from EgyptEl-Dyasty, MM; Elamer, AA
14-Jul-2022Environmental, social and governance ratings and firm performance: The moderating role of internal control qualityBoulhaga, M; Bouri, A; Elamer, AA; Ibrahim, BA
15-Sep-2020Female audit partners and extended audit reporting: UK EvidenceAbdelfattah, T; Elmahgoub, M; Elamer, AA
2022Female leadership and financial reporting quality in EgyptEl-Dyasty, MM; Elamer, AA
9-Apr-2020The Future of Businesses Reporting: Learning from Financial and COVID-19 CrisesHassan, A; Nandy, M; Roberts, L; Elamer, AA; Lodh, S
14-Apr-2021The Future of Non-Financial Businesses Reporting: Learning from the Covid-19 PandemicHassan, A; Elamer, AA; Lodh, S; Roberts, L; Nandy, M
28-Oct-2022Gender diversity in the board room and sustainable growth rate: the moderating role of family ownershipAmin, A; Ali, R; ur Rehman, R; Elamer, AA
11-Sep-2020Gender Diversity, Corporate Governance and Financial Risk Disclosure in the UKBufarwa, I; Elamer, AA; Ntim, CG
11-Sep-2020Gender Diversity, Corporate Governance and Financial Risk Disclosure in the UKBufarwa, IM; Ntim, CG; Elamer, AA; AlHares, A
20-Jun-2022The influence of foreign direct investment on the Egyptian audit market: what do Big 4 partners’ perceptions tell us?Eldaly, MK; Elamer, AA; Abdel-Kader, M
9-Dec-2017Islamic Governance, National Governance, and Bank Risk Management and Disclosure in MENA CountriesElamer, AA; Ntim, CG; Abdou, HA