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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Application of active controllers to suppress engine vibrationsDayyani, Keyvan
2015Biomechanical study of foot with hallux valgus deformityEshraghi, Saba
2019Designing a decision support system for improving medical devices maintenance in Saudi ArabiaAlbadr, Hamad
2020The effect of hip muscle contraction on stress response of the lower extremities during the normal walkingMahdi, Hossaeini Marashi
2018Electroencephalography (EEG) profile and sense of body ownership: a study of signal processing, proprioception and tactile illusionShahriari, Sheyda
2019Experimental and analytical study of water production of solar stillAlheefi, Thamer
2014Importance of KPI identification and implementation in Kuwaiti construction industryAlrajehi, Shrouq H.
2011In vivo mechanical assessment of human elbow kinematics using a six axis parallel mechanism developed in houseAlrashidi, Mohammad
2012Investigating the effect of mechanical loading in a total reversed shoulder implantAbulkhair, Nesreen
2016Investigating the impact of cultural, gender and professional design considerations on employee productivity: case study of female academics in Saudi female universitiesAlnassar, Nouf Saad
2015Investigation on influence of dental implantsRahmanivahid, Pooyan
2011A new bottle design to correct mechanical defect during feeding in cleft lip and palate babiesSalem Althalab, Fatemah
2019A novel strategy for controlling forklift’s mast vibrationEsmaeili, Siavash
2018A novel, internally structured stainless steel implant with titanium characteristicsYazdifar, Mohammadreza
2015Numerical and experimental studies of a nonlinear vibration systemKhaled, Alhaifi
2017Oscillatory behaviour and strategy to reduce drilling vibrationChe Kar, Suriani Binti
2014Studies of hip impingement diagnosisYazdi Far, Mahshid
2011A virtual environment for the modelling, simulation and manufacturing of orthopaedic devicesAlrashdan, Khaled Rasheed
2008Wavelet approach to vibratory analysis of surface due to a load moving in the layerKoziol, P; Mares, C; Esat, I