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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2019Cloud computing utilization and mitigation of informational and marketing barriers of the SMEs from the emerging markets: Evidence from Iran and TurkeyHosseini, S; Fallon, G; Weerakkody, V; Sivarajah, U
2015The determinants of inward foreign direct investment into the English Premier LeagueCook, M; Fallon, G
28-Oct-2020The determinants of services FDI location in the UK regionsCook, M; Fallon, G
2014Explaining manufacturing and non-manufacturing inbound FDI location in five UK regionsFallon, G; Cook, M
2020Exploring the Relationship Between Post-acquisition and Supply Chain Disruption Risk of Acquired Firms During the First Year Following Acquisition (A Dynamic Capability Perspective)Shokri, Hossein
2018The impact of inward FDI on the management of human capital development in developing countries: Lessons from Saudi ArabiaAlalshiekh, Abdulmohsen
2015An investigation into the formal institutional constraints that restrict entrepreneurship and SME growth in RussiaYukhanaev, A; Fallon, G; Baranchenko, Y; Anisimova, A
2001The political economy of Russia’s economic transition problems since 1991 and their implications for Russia’s relations with the westFallon, G; Jones, A
2017The Rise of Chinese Innovative Firms and the Changing Governance of Global Value ChainsShaowei, H; Fallon, G; Khan, Z; Wang, Z
2016Russian institutional development: Challenges to inbound investments and implications for government policymakersYukhanaev, A; Fallon, G; Perényi, A; Roberts, J
Jan-2019Technological innovation as a source of Chinese multinationals’ firm-specific advantages and internationalizationHe, S; Khan, Z; Lew, YK; Fallon, G
21-Oct-2020A theoretical and empirical investigation into investment activities of technologically-intensive Chinese state-owned enterprises in the UKVukicevic, J; Fallon, G; Ott, UF
7-May-2017Towards a new wave in internationalization of innovation? The rise of China's innovative MNEs, strategic coupling, and global economic organizationHe, S; Fallon, G; Khan, Z; Lew, YK; Kim, KH; Wei, P