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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Jan-2019Creating the future? The 1960s new English universitiesFilippakou, O; Tapper, T
17-Jan-2017The evolution of the quality agenda in higher education: the politics of legitimationFilippakou, O
2016Expanding the english medical schools: The politics of knowledge controlSalter, B; Filippakou, O; Tapper, T
2022Higher Education, Critical Pedagogy, and Resistance in Dark TimesGiroux, HA; Filippakou, O
2021In search of student time: Student temporality and the future universityBengtsen, S; Sarauw, LL; Filippakou, O
2021Militarization in a Time of Pandemic CrisisGiroux, HA; Filippakou, O
2019Motivations and experiences of international students at UK private Further Education colleges that were closed down by the Home Office: Implications of the points based systemBasnet, Sushma
2020Pedagogía Crítica en la Era del Autoritarismo: Desafíos y PosibilidadesGiroux, HA; Filippakou, O; Ocampo, S
2016Policymaking and the politics of change in higher education: The new 1960s universities in the UK, then and nowFilippakou, O; Tapper, T
Mar-2020A Time for Hope in Dark TimesGiroux, HA; Filippakou, O
2019Why educational research should not just solve problems, but should cause them as wellBiesta, G; Filippakou, O; Wainwright, E; Aldridge, D
2020Why educational research should remain mindful of its position: Questions of boundaries, identity and scale.Wainwright, E; Aldridge, D; Biesta, G; Filippakou, O
2018Why the nature of educational research should remain contested: A statement from the new editors of the British Educational Research JournalBiesta, G; Filippakou, O; Wainwright, E