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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012A business model perspective for ICTs in public engagementPanagiotopoulos, P; Al-Debei, MM; Fitzgerald, G; Elliman, T
2010The design and engineering of innovative mobile data services: An ontological framework founded on business model thinkingAl-Debei, Mutaz M
2007Development of a change framework to study SME web site evolutionAlonso Mendo, Fernando
2010Do social networking groups support online petitions?Panagiotopoulos, P; Sams, S; Elliman, T; Fitzgerald, G
2011Emergent culture in global IS/IT outsourcingTsotra, Danai
2006An enquiry into the temporal coordination of Groupware Calendar Systems (GCS): Conceptualizing the private and public perspectivesPark, Sungmin
2016Entanglements in the E-service of land record in Bangladesh: an action design ethnographic studyAlam, Muhammad Shahanoor
2009Factors affecting e-Government implementation and adoption in the State of QatarAl-Shafi, Shafi Homoud
2007Identifying benefits and barriers for IS adoption: A sociotechnical framework applied to health carePiris Pinilla, Maria Luisa
2011An institutional perspective on information and communication technologies in governancePanagiotopoulos, Panagiotis
2005Investigating consumer adoption, usage and impact of broadband: UK householdsDwivedi, Yogesh Kumar
2008An investigation of the partnering strategies in application service provision: A vendor perspectiveTebboune, DE Sofiane
2009OntoEng: A design method for ontology engineering in information systemsAl-Debei, MM; Fitzgerald, G
2005Organizational perceptions of e-commerce: Re-assessing the benefitsFitzgerald, G; Papazafeiropoulou, A; Piris, L; Serrano, A
2006Requirements dilemmaHarris, Howard J
2004Strategic motivators and expected benefits from e-Commerce in traditional organisationsPiris, L; Fitzgerald, G; Serrano, A
2010Web information systems: A study of maintenance, change and flexibilityPeters, Jason Christian