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Title: Organizational perceptions of e-commerce: Re-assessing the benefits
Authors: Fitzgerald, G
Papazafeiropoulou, A
Piris, L
Serrano, A
Keywords: E-commerce;Strategic;Non-Strategic;Reasons;Tangible and Intangible benefits;Case-Studies
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Citation: Electronic Markets. 15(3): 225-234
Abstract: This paper reports on preliminary findings from a wider and more in-depth study of six traditional organizations from different sectors that have successfully introduced e-commerce initiatives. The research adopted a case study approach, within which a questionnaire, identifying 16 generic benefits synthesized from the literature, was administered. The organizations were also asked to characterize whether e-commerce was strategic for them or not. The findings suggest that those organizations that perceived e-commerce to be strategic tended to consider intangible benefits as more important than tangible benefits, indicating perhaps a move away from the traditional view of e-commerce as a marketing driver to increase or create sales. Those organizations perceiving e-commerce as non-strategic rated the tangible benefits in much the same way as the strategic organizations, but rated the intangibles lower. Also it was found that e-commerce was important as a communication tool, not only with customers, as might be expected, but also with staff within the organization. The value of intra-organizational e-commerce was also found to be important, perhaps more than previously thought, as was its use in communicating and disseminating knowledge. The findings also reflect the importance of the sector and environment of the organization in determining their perceptions of e-commerce.
ISSN: 1019-6781
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