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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Jan-2021Changes in gastrointestinal cell integrity after marathon running and exercise-associated collapseWalter, E; Gibson, OR; Stacey, M; Hill, N; Parsons, IT; Woods, D
2016Combined active and passive heat exposure induced heat acclimation in a soccer referee before 2014 FIFA World CupRuddock, AD; Thompson, SW; Hudson, SA; James, CA; Gibson, OR; Mee, JA
2015A comparison of males and females' temporal patterning to short- and long-term heat acclimationMee, JA; Gibson, OR; Doust, J; Maxwell, NS
10-Jan-2020Could Heat Therapy Be an Effective Treatment for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases? A Narrative ReviewHunt, AP; Minett, GM; Gibson, OR; Kerr, GK; Stewart, IB
26-Jan-2024Cross-adaptation from heat stress to hypoxia: A systematic review and exploratory meta-analysisWillmott, AGB; Diment, AG; Chung, HC; James, CA; Maxwell, NS; Roberts, JD; Gibson, OR
2016Effective microorganism – X attenuates circulating superoxide dismutase following an acute bout of intermittent running in hot, humid conditionsTaylor, L; Lee, BJ; Gibson, OR; Midgley, AW; Watt, P; Mauger, A; Castle, P
2016The effects of single versus twice daily short term heat acclimation on heat strain and 3000 m running performance in hot, humid conditionsWillmott, AGB; Gibson, OR; Hayes, M; Maxwell, NS
14-Jul-2020The efficacy of steroids in reducing morbidity and mortality from extreme hyperthermia and heatstroke – a systematic reviewWalter, E; Gibson, OR
2-Jun-2021Exercise heat acclimation and post-exercise hot water immersion improve resting and exercise responses to heat stress in the elderlyWaldock, KAM; Gibson, OR; Relf, RL; Eichhorn, G; Hayes, M; Watt, PW; Maxwell, NS
19-Aug-2021Exercise hyperthermia induces greater changes in gastrointestinal permeability than equivalent passive hyperthermiaWalter, E; Watt, PW; Gibson, OR; Willmott, AGB; Mitchell, D; Moreton, R; Maxwell, NS
2014Extracellular Hsp72 concentration relates to a minimum endogenous criteria during acute exercise-heat exposureGibson, OR; Dennis, A; Parfitt, T; Taylor, L; Watt, PW; Maxwell, NS
15-Oct-2015Heat acclimation attenuates physiological strain and the HSP72, but not HSP90 alpha, mRNA response to acute normobaric hypoxiaGibson, OR; Turner, G; Tuttle, JA; Taylor, L; Watt, PW; Maxwell, NS
2024Heat-related changes in the velocity and kinetic energy of flowing blood influence the human heart's output during hyperthermiaWatanabe, K; Koch Esteves, N; Gibson, OR; Akiyama, K; González-Alonso, J
2016Hsp72 and Hsp90α mRNA transcription is characterised by large, sustained changes in core temperature during heat acclimationGibson, OR; Tuttle, JA; Watt, PW; Maxwell, NS; Taylor, L
2016Hsp72 mRNA transcription, and sweat adaptations are greater post heat acclimation in trained vs. untrained individualsGibson, OR; Taylor, L; Watt, PW; Maxwell, NS
2015Isothermic and fixed intensity heat acclimation methods induce similar heat adaptation following short and long-term timescalesGibson, OR; Mee, JA; Tuttle, JA; Taylor, L; Watt, PW; Maxwell, NS
2015Isothermic and fixed-intensity heat acclimation methods elicit equal increases in Hsp72 mRNAGibson, OR; Mee, JA; Taylor, L; Tuttle, JA; Watt, PW; Maxwell, NS
4-Jul-2020Menthol as an Ergogenic Aid for the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games: An Expert-Led Consensus Statement Using the Modified Delphi MethodBarwood, MJ; Gibson, OR; Gillis, JD; Jefferies, O; Morris, N; Pearce, J; Ross, ML; Stevens, C; Rinaldi, K; Mündel, T; Riera, F; Kounalakis, S; Waldron, M; Best, R
2015Oxygen Cost of Recreational Horse-Riding in FemalesBeale, L; Maxwell, NS; Gibson, OR; Twomey, R; Taylor, B; Church, A
2015Physiological responses to incremental exercise in the heat following internal and external precoolingJames, CA; Richardson, AJ; Watt, PW; Gibson, OR; Maxwell, NS