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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Approximating Pareto frontier using a hybrid line search approachGrosan, C; Abraham, A
2006Automatic programming methodologies for electronic hardware fault monitoringAbraham, A; Grosan, C
2016Computational intelligence modeling of the macromolecules release from PLGA microspheres-focus on feature selectionZawbaa, HM; Szlȩk, J; Grosan, C; Jachowicz, R; Mendyk, A
Dec-2018Computational intelligence modelling of pharmaceutical tabletting processes using bio-inspired optimization algorithmsZawbaa, HM; Schiano, S; Perez-Gandarillas, L; Grosan, C; Michrafy, A; Wu, CY
2014Computational models for inferring biochemical networksRausanu, S; Grosan, C; Wu, Z; Parvu, O; Stoica, R; Gilbert, D
10-Jan-2017Experienced grey wolf optimizer through reinforcement learning and neural networksEmary, E; Zawbaa, HM; Grosan, C
2016Feature Selection via Chaotic Antlion OptimizationZawbaa, HM; Emary, E; Grosan, C
20-Feb-2014A hierarchical network model for epidemic spreading. Analysis of A/H1N1 virus spreading in RomaniaRausanu, S; Grosan, C
30-Apr-2021Intellirehabds (Irds)—a dataset of physical rehabilitation movementsMiron, A; Sadawi, N; Ismail, W; Hussain, H; Grosan, C
1-Mar-2018Large-dimensionality small-instance set feature selection: a hybrid bio-inspired heuristic approachZawbaa, H; Grosan, C; Snasel, V
22-Dec-2017Meta-QSAR: a large-scale application of meta-learning to drug design and discoveryOlier, I; Sadawi, N; Bickerton, GR; Vanschoren, J; Grosan, C; Soldatova, L; King, RD
2017Multi-Line distance minimization: A visualized many-objective test problem suiteLi, M; Grosan, C; Yang, S; Liu, X; Yao, X
2019Multi-task learning with a natural metric for quantitative structure activity relationship learningSadawi, N; Olier, I; Vanschoren, J; van Rijn, J; Besnard, J; Bickerton, R; Grosan, C; Soldatova, L; King, R
19-Jul-2018Type 1 fuzzy function approach based on ridge regression for forecastingBas, E; Egrioglu, E; Yolcu, U; Grosan, C