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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Advancing e-Government in Developing Countries: a quantitative analysis towards citizen-cenric public services within sub-Saharan AfricaHackney, RA; Tassabehji, R
2013Asessing ethical severity of e-learning systems security attacksLevy, Y; Ramim, MM; Hackney, RA
2016Challenges for ‘Green IT’ in the Scottish ADM industryGrant, K; Edgar, D; Duncan, P; Hackney, RA
2017Cloud Based e-Government Services: a proposal to evaluate user satisfactionHackney, RA; Sivarajah, U; Omar, A; Lee, H; Hackney, RA; Irani, Z; El-Haddadeh, R
2015Critical value factors in business intelligence systems implementation success: An empirical analysis of system and information qualityHackney, RA; Dooley, P; Levvy, Y; Parrish, J
2017The Dynamic of Value Co-Creation and its interrelationship with employer branding: a study on the hotel industry in OmanHackney, RA; Al Habsi, ZS; Dey, B
2018Effective Organizational Improvision in Information Systems Development: insights from Tencent messaging system developmentDu, W; Hackney, RA; Shan, SL; Junjie, W
2016An Empirical Investigation of Behaviours relating to Green IT in the Scotish Aerospace, Defence and Marine (ADM) IndustryGrant, K; Edgar, D; Duncan, P; Hackney, RA
2018Evaluating Digital Public Services: a contingency value approach within three exemplar developing countries• Tassabehji, R; Hackney, RA; Maruyama, T
2016'Green IT' in the Scottish Aerospace, Defense and Marine (ADM)Grant, K; Edgar, D; Duncan, P; Hackney, RA
2014'Hey you get off my cloud', evaluating cloud services for business valueTassabehji, R; Hackney, RA
2016'Hey You Get Off My Cloud’: evaluating cloud services for business value within Pharma XHackney, RA; Tassabehji, R
2014How information-sharing values influence the use of information systems: An investigation in the business intelligence systems contextPopovič, A; Hackney, RA; Coelho, PS; Jacklic, J
2016The impact of big data analytics on firms high value business performancePopovic, A; Hackney, RA; Tassabehji, R; Castelli, M
2017The Impact of ICT on Public Service Development in Africa: an empirical analysisHackney, RA; Tassabehji, R
2018An investigation of knowledge brokering during service encountersAl Hawamdeh, N; Hackney, RA
1-Jan-2018An investigation of knowledge brokering during service encountersAl Hawamdeh, N; Hackney, RA
2017Managing user diversity in ES pre-implementation through discursive framing: A spatio-temporal analysisHackney, RA; Leong, C; Pan, S
2014Post graduate research supervision: an 'agreed' conceptual view of good practice through derived metaphorsGrant, K; Hackney, RA; Edgar, D
2014Research supervision: An 'agreed' view of metaphors and soft systems perspectivesGrant, K; Hackney, RA; Edgar, D