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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011British American football: National identity, cultural specificity and globalizationWismer, Lacey Elaine
2016Building a system to safeguard children in sport: The 8 CHILDREN pillarsRhind, D; Owusu-Sekyere, F; Kay, T; Hills, L
2015The challenges of widening ‘legitimate’ understandings of ability within physical educationCroston, A; Hills, L
2013Child Exploitation and the FIFA World Cup: A review of risks and protective interventionsBrackenridge, C; Palmer-Felgate, S; Rhind, D; Hills, L; Kay, T; Tiivas, A; Faulkner, L; Lindsay, I
2017Conceptualising safety culture for safeguarding children in sportOwusu-Sekyere, Frank
2014The construction and experience of ability in physical educationCroston, Amanda
2021Examining psychosocial development in an elite English football academy: a holistic ecological approachCrawley, Nikki
2012Extreme volunteering: A holistic perspective on international women sport volunteersGipson, Christina
2012‘Non-sporty’ girls take the lead: A feminist participatory action research approach to physical activityGreen, Laura
2016Online social networks and Saudi youth participation in physical activityBaker, Razan
2012Organisational culture and coach-athlete relationships: An ethnographic study of an elite rowing clubMaitland, Alison
2009The political process of constructing a sustainable London Olympics sports development legacyGirginov, V; Hills, L
9-Jun-2021Safeguarding culture: towards a new approach to preventing child maltreatment in sportOwusu-Sekyere, F; Rhind, DJ; Hills, L
2013Sports spectacle, media and doping: The representations of Olympic drug cases in Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008Pappa, Evdokia
2014Strategy and strategising: an examination of sports clubs privatisation strategy in Saudi ArabiaAlhakami, Fawaz
2016Unintended volunteers: the volunteering pathways of working class young people in community sportBradford, S; Hills, L; Johnston, C
10-Oct-2018What works? Evaluation of the DOSH financial capability programmeWainwright, E; McHugh, E; Gilhooly, K; Hills, L; Ryder, D; Langston, C