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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Active power control response from large offshore wind farmsBanham-Hall, Dominic
Jun-2020Developing a High Chair to Meet the Needs of Infants with Achondroplasia: A Collaboration Between Evelina London Children's Hospital and Brunel UniversityMassey, J; Phillips, K; Lawrence, J; Davies, A; Harris, L; Cocca, A; Spinelli, G; Garaj, V; Irving, M; Cheung, M
2012Hybrid mutation particle swarm optimisation method for available transfer capability enhancementFarahmand, H; Rashidinejad, M; Gharaveisi, A; Irving, M; Taylor, G
2013Oligopolistic and oligopsonistic bilateral electricity market modeling using hierarchical conjectural variation equilibrium methodAlikhanzadeh, Amir Hessam
2019A risk register for energy security: a UK case studyAxon, Colin J
2004Uncertainty modelling in power system state estimationAl-Othman, AbdulRahman K