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Title: Oligopolistic and oligopsonistic bilateral electricity market modeling using hierarchical conjectural variation equilibrium method
Authors: Alikhanzadeh, Amir Hessam
Advisors: Irving, M
Taylor, G
Keywords: Game theory;Patternsearch optimization;Optimization;Imperfect bilateral electricity market
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Brunel University School of Engineering and Design PhD Theses
Abstract: An electricity market is very complex and different in its nature, when compared to other commodity markets. The introduction of competition and restructuring in global electricity markets brought more complexity and major changes in terms of governance, ownership and technical and market operations. In a liberalized electricity market, all market participants are responsible for their own decisions; therefore, all the participants are trying to make profit by participating in electricity trading. There are different types of electricity market, and in this research a bilateral electricity market has been specifically considered. This thesis not only contributes with regard to the reviewing UK electricity market as an example of a bilateral electricity market with more than 97% of long-term bilateral trading, but also proposes a dual aspect point of view with regard to the bilateral electricity market by splitting the generation and supply sides of the wholesale market. This research aims at maximizing the market participants’ profits and finds the equilibrium point of the bilateral market; hence, various methods such as equilibrium models have been reviewed with regard to management of the risks (e.g. technical and financial risks) of participating in the electricity market. This research proposes a novel Conjectural Variation Equilibrium (CVE) model for bilateral electricity markets, to reduce the market participants’ exposure to risks and maximize the profits. Hence, generation companies’ behaviors and strategies in an imperfect bilateral market environment, oligopoly, have been investigated by applying the CVE method. By looking at the bilateral market from an alternative aspect, the supply companies’ behaviors in an oligopsony environment have also been taken into consideration. At the final stage of this research, the ‘matching’ of both quantity and price between oligopolistic and oligopsonistic markets has been obtained through a novel-coordinating algorithm that includes CVE model iterations of both markets. Such matching can be achieved by adopting a hierarchical optimization approach, using the Matlab Patternsearch optimization algorithm, which acts as a virtual broker to find the equilibrium point of both markets. Index Terms-- Bilateral electricity market, Oligopolistic market, Oligopsonistic market, Conjectural Variation Equilibrium method, Patternsearch optimization, Game theory, Hierarchical optimization method
Description: This thesis was submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy and awarded by Brunel University
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