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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Sep-2019Design and Simulation of Passive and active filters : A proposed Implementation for East Coast Mainline RailwayChowdry, M; Darwish, M; Janbey, A; Amreiz, H
30-Sep-2020Emulation of Series and Shunt Reactor CompensationAmreiz, H; Janbey, A; Darwish, M
7-Nov-2019Energy Efficient Snubber NetworksDarwish, M; Marouchos, CC; Janbey, A; Amreiz, H
2017Impacts of domestic load and electric vehicles on domestic consumption in UKSheboniea, MA; Darwish, MK; Janbey, A
2018A Practical Course for Teaching Electric Machines with Renewable Energy SourcesAmreiz, H; Janbey, A; Darwish, M
31-Dec-2015Review of UK domestic electricity consumption and potential trends in using renewable energy sources and plug-in hybrid electrical vehiclesSheboniea, MA; Darwish, MK; Janbey, A
7-Nov-2019Simulation of HVAC Transmission LineAmreiz, H; Janbey, A; Darwish, M
-The Teaching of Switched Mode Power Supplies - Design, Simulation and Practical Implementation for Undergraduate and Postgraduate StudentsDarwish, M; Janbey, A; Amreiz, H