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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Aug-2018Abnormal Grain Refinement Behavior in High-Pressure Die Casting of Pure Mg with Addition of Zr as Grain RefinerYang, W; Ji, S; Zhang, R; Zhang, J; Liu, L
2-May-2021Additive manufacturing of a high strength Al-5Mg<inf>2</inf>Si-2Mg alloy: Microstructure and mechanical propertiesYang, H; Zhang, Y; Wang, J; Liu, Z; Liu, C; Ji, S
18-Nov-2019Advanced heat treated die-cast aluminium composites fabricated by TiB<inf>2</inf> nanoparticle implantationDong, X; Youssef, H; Zhang, Y; Yang, H; Wang, S; Ji, S
31-Jan-2022Al-Mn Intermetallics in High Pressure Die Cast AZ91 and Direct Chill Cast AZ80Peng, L; Zeng, G; Wang, D; Xian, J; Ji, S; Zhan, H; Gourlay, CM
2018Aluminium alloy for castingJi, S; Smith, J; Amirkhanlou, S
5-Feb-2022Al–Mg<inf>2</inf>Si–Mg Alloys: Microstructure and Mechanical Properties from High-Pressure Die Casting to Additive ManufacturingYang, H; Wang, J; Dong, X; Ji, S
9-Aug-2019Atomic structure and interface chemistry in a high-stiffness and high-strength Al–Si–Mg/TiB<inf>2</inf> nanocompositeJi, S; Amirkhanlu, F; Mostaed, A; Beanland, R
2016A casting alloyRahimian, M; Ji, S; Blake, P; Watson, D; Fan, Z
1999A casting classification and coding system suitable for a CIMS in casting productionJi, S; Vuorinen, J; Fan, Z
Jan-2019Casting lightweight stiff aluminum alloys: a reviewJi, S; Amirkhanlou, S
1995Compact punching die for highway shield plateJi, S
12-Sep-2020Corrosion behavior of CoCrNi medium-entropy alloy compared with 304 stainless steel in H<inf>2</inf>SO<inf>4</inf> and NaOH solutionsWang, J; Li, W; Yang, H; Huang, H; Ji, S; Ruan, J; Liu, Z
21-Jul-2022Developing a novel high-strength Al–Mg–Zn–Si alloy for laser powder bed fusionYang, F; Wang, J; Wen, T; Zhang, L; Dong, X; Qiu, D; Yang, H; Ji, S
2015Development of a high strength Al-Mg2Si-Mg-Zn based alloy for high pressure die castingJi, S; Yan, F; Fan, Z
29-May-2021Development of an Mg–RE-Based Die-Cast Magnesium Alloy for Elevated ApplicationsDong, X; Feng, L; Nyberg, EA; Ji, S
2023The development of high pressure die-cast magnesium alloys for the applications at high temperaturesFeng, Lingyun
2014Development of high strength Al-Mg2Si-Mg based alloy for high pressure diecasting processYan, Feng
24-Dec-2022Development of high thermal conductivity, enhanced strength and cost-effective die-cast Mg alloy compared with AE44 alloyFeng, L; Dong, X; Xia, M; Zhu, X; Ji, G; Yang, H; Wang, B; Nyberg, EA; Ji, S
18-Mar-2021The development of low-temperature heat-treatable high pressure die-cast Al-Mg-Fe-Mn alloys with Zn levelsZhu, X; Liu, F; Wang, S; Ji, S
23-Jan-2020A Die-Cast Magnesium Alloy for Applications at Elevated TemperaturesDong, X; Nyberg, EA; Ji, S