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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Assessing the Influence of External Environment Factors on Higher Education Sector through Means-end Theory of Decision Making: The Case of BahrainAli Mohamed Mahmood
2010Attitudinal and behavioural determinants influencing decision makers when adopting integration technologies in local governmentKamal, M; Weerakkody, V; Irani, Z
2006A conceptual model for EAI adoption in an e-government environmentKamal, M; Themistocleous, M
12-Apr-2022Consumers’ willingness to share digital footprints on social media: the role of affective trustSyed, M; Dey, B; Alwi, S; Kamal, M; Asaad, Y
2009Current state of e-services in Saudi Arabia: the case of intermediaries in facilitating government services in Madinah cityAl-Sobhi, F; Kamal, M; Weerakkody, V
2018A decentralised semantic architecture for social networking platformsIqbal, Yasir
2011e-Government awareness among the techno-disadvantaged in the United StatesWard, BT; Connolly, R; Hackney, R
2010Exploring knowledge management integration through EAI in local government domainKamal, M
2018Exploring the impact of city image on foreign direct investment perception: The case of DubaiBogari, Razan Fareed
2018Gender diversity management in multinational corporations in developing countries: The case of Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaAlmagoushi, Nouf Abdulaziz I
2009`ICT Policy` for ICT service management - role of business organizations in national reforms agenda for services sectorAlsudairi, M; Kamal, M
2018The impact of inward FDI on the management of human capital development in developing countries: Lessons from Saudi ArabiaAlalshiekh, Abdulmohsen
2016The impact of social media on the performance of microfinance institutions in developing countries: a quantitative approachDaowd, Ahmad
2016The influence of electronic word of mouth in social media on consumers’ purchase intentionsErkan, Ismail
2011Investigating factors influencing the decision making process for ERP adoption and implementation: An exploratory case studyAl-Fawaz, K; Eldabi, T; Kamal, M
2021Investigating the impact of big data analytics on supply chain operations: case studies from the UK private sectorHasan, Ruaa
2018Investigating the impact of service quality dimensions, price and reputation on the behavioural intentions of retail banking customersAlharbi, Majed Salem S
2017Investigating the roles of leaders, managers and their mutual roles in aligning strategy and project management in public sector organisations: the case of the Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaAbohilal, Sami Abdullah
2018An Investigation of the role of knowledge brokers during service encounters: the context of Jordanian commercial banksAl Hawamdeh, Nayel
2018The manufacturing domain ontology for simplifying interoperability of systems for contact lens manufactureAtkinson, Hayden