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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Jul-2022The Contribution of Girls’ Longer Hours in Unpaid Work to Gender Gaps in Early Adult Employment: Evidence from Ethiopia, India, Peru and VietnamCarmichael, F; Darko, C; Egyei, R; Kanji, S; Vasilakos, N
20-Nov-2021Gender-based exclusionary practices in performance appraisalFenech, AE; Kanji, S; Vargha, Z
2024Gendered transitions to self-employment and business ownership: a linked-lives perspectiveKanji, S; Vershinina, N
2017Grandparent Care: A Key Factor in Mothers' Labour Force Participation in the UKKanji, S
Jul-2017How Women Have Fared with the Rise of the People's Republic of China in Global Supply Chain TradeWang, L; Kanji, S; Jha, S; Meurs, ME
18-Dec-2023The impact of early marriage on the life satisfaction, education and subjective health of young women in India: A longitudinal analysisKanji, S; Carmichael, F; Darko, C; Egyei, R; Vasilakos, N
18-May-2017Job Insecurity: Differential Effects of Subjective and Objective Measures on Life Satisfaction Trajectories of Workers Aged 27–30 in GermanyHelbling, L; Kanji, S
2015Male Breadwinning Revisited: How Specialisation, Gender Role Attitudes and Work Characteristics Affect Overwork and Underwork in EuropeKanji, S; Samuel, R
2018Money and relationships online: communication and norm formation in women’s discussions of couple resource allocationMoor, L; Kanji, S
18-Nov-2022Pandemic, power and paradox: Improvising as the New Normal during the COVID-19 crisisSimpson, AV; Panayiotou, A; Berti, M; Cunha, MPe; Kanji, S; Clegg, S
22-Mar-2022School closures and educational attainment in Ethiopia: Can extra classes help children to catch up?Carmichael, F; Darko, CK; Kanji, S; Vasilakos, N
18-Mar-2021Wage effects of educational mismatch and job search in Ghana and KenyaCarmichael, F; Darko, C; Kanji, S
2015Who am I? Mothers’ shifting identities, loss and sensemaking after workplace exitKanji, S; Cahusac, E