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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013The 7Ms pedagogy model: Instructional design for learners with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity DisorderSajadi, Samira Sadat
2015Capability Based Decision Model of Attribution: Empirical Development in IranKhan, T; Ghalamchi, P
2015Designing emergent business process: the case of the foreign procurement process of Kuwait ministry of defenceAl-Sabah, Shamayel Ahmad Khaled
2010Diverse virtual social networks: Implications for remote software testing teamsKhan, T; Pezeshki, V; Clear, F; Al-Kaabi, A
2017Factors that influence pharmaceutical industry stakeholders behavioral intentions to use social media that influence decision making for healthcareAlshati, Alshayma Y
17-Oct-2013Impact of human resource management information systems on the quality of appraisal performance processPouransari, S; Al-Karaghouli, W; Khan, T
2018The implementation of socially sustainable supply chain management in the UK manufacturing sector: a social capital perspectiveAlghababsheh, Mohammad
2003An intelligent system for risk classification of stock investment projectsSerguieva, A; Kalganova, T; Khan, T
2017An investigation into the impact of transformational leadership on innovation process and knowledge sharing: the case of UAE Ministry of Interior (MoI)Aldarmaki, Khaled
18-Aug-2020The mechanisms of adaptation for muscle fascicle length changes with exercise: implications for spastic muscleDavis, J; Khir, A; Barber, L; Reeves, N; Khan, T; Deluca, M; Mohagheghi, A
2017Renaissance of Saudi Women leaders’ achievementGazzaz, Lama
2017A sustainable project portfolio selection framework for IT projects in Abu Dhabi PoliceAl Mahri, Abdulla
2009Theory of deferred action: Agent-based simulation model for designing complex adaptive systemsPatel, NV; Eldabi, T; Khan, T
2015Toward the development of a sustainable project portfolio selection framework for IT projectsAl Mahri, A; Khan, T
2002Transient liquid phase bonding of an oxide dispersion strengthened superalloyWei, Suwan
2016A tri-modal theory of agencyGhalamchi, Parastoo
2009Using agent based simulation to empirically examine complexity in carbon footprint business processPilla, VN; Patel, NV; Khan, T