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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Analysis of local hemodynamics in central and peripheral arteriesBorlotti, Alessandra
2020Arterial tree taper and bifurcations: implications on wave reflection and pressure at the aortic root using a one-dimensional computational modelAbdullateef, Shima
2012Computational and experimental time domain, one dimensional models of air wave propagation in human airwaysClavica, Francesco
2009Evidence of left ventricular wall movement actively decelerting aorticPage, Chloe May
2016Experimental and computational investigations for the development of intro-aortic balloon pump therapyBruti, Gianpaolo
2010Experimental study of the mechanics of the intra-aortic balloonBiglino, Giovanni
8-Aug-2018Functional characterization of common BCL11B gene desert variants suggests a lymphocyte-mediated association of BCL11B with aortic stiffnessMaskari, RA; Hardege, I; Cleary, S; Figg, N; Li, Y; Siew, K; Khir, A; Yu, Y; Liu, P; Wilkinson, I; O Shaughnessy, K; Yasmin
18-Aug-2020The mechanisms of adaptation for muscle fascicle length changes with exercise: implications for spastic muscleDavis, J; Khir, A; Barber, L; Reeves, N; Khan, T; Deluca, M; Mohagheghi, A
2008Modelling the interaction of haemodynamics and the Artery Wall: Current status and future prospectsLawford, PV; Ventikos, Y; Khir, A; Atherton, MA; Evans, D; Hose, DR; Care, CM; Watton, PN; Halliday, I; Walker, DC; Hollis, AP; Collins, MW
2009Multi-scale interaction of flow and the artery wallHalliday, I; Lishchuk, SV; Atherton, MA; Care, CM; Collins, MW; Evans, D; Evans, PC; Hose, DR; Khir, A; Krams, R; Lawford, PV; Ridger, V; Ventikos, Y; Walker, DC; Watton, PN; 2nd Micro and Nano Flows Conference (MNF2009)
2017Non-invasive wave intensity analysis in common carotid artery of healthy humansPomella, Nicola
2021On the quantification of arterial wall mechanical properties using invasive and non-invasive experimental investigations and analytical techniquesGiudici, Alessandro
2011Propagation and reflection of pulse waves in flexible tubes and relation to wall propertiesLi, Ye
2018Response to Letter to the EditorKhir, A; Gonzales-Alonso, J
10-Feb-2020A review of implantable pulsatile blood pumps: engineering perspectivesWu, T; Khir, A; Kutting, M; Du, X; Lin, H; Zhu, Y; Hsu, P-L
29-Jun-2020Review of the Techniques Used for Investigating the Role Elastin and Collagen Play in Arterial Wall MechanicsGiudici, A; Wilkinson, IB; Khir, A
11-Jul-2022Techniques to aid prediction of pacing dependence at 30 days in patients requiring pacemaker implantation after cardiac surgeryCretu, I; Tindale, A; Abbod, M; Khir, A; Mason, M; Balachandran, W; Meng, H
2008Wave propagation in flexible tubesFeng, Jiling