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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Dec-2016Analysis of the interaction between globular head modules of candidate receptor gC1qRPednekar, L; Pathan, AA; Paudyal, B; Tsolaki, A; Kaur, A; Abozaid, S; Kouser, L; Khan, HA; Peerschke, EI; Shamji, MH; Stenbeck, G; Ghebrehiwet, B; Kishore, U
17-Aug-2022Autoantibodies against Complement Classical Pathway Components C1q, C1r, C1s and C1-Inh in Patients with Lupus NephritisRadanova, M; Vasilev, V; Mihaylova, G; Kosturkova, M; Kishore, U; Roumenina, L
22-Aug-2022Axon guidance receptor ROBO3 modulates subtype identity and prognosis via AXL-associated inflammatory network in pancreatic cancerKrebs, N; Klein, L; Wegwitz, F; Espinet, E; Maurer, HC; Tu, M; Penz, F; Küffer, S; Xu, X; Bohnenberger, H; Cameron, S; Brunner, M; Neesse, A; Kishore, U; Hessmann, E; Trumpp, A; Ströbel, P; Brekken, RA; Ellenrieder, V; Singh, SK
24-May-2017C1 Complex: An Adaptable Proteolytic Module for Complement and Non-Complement FunctionsLu, J; Kishore, U
2018C1q classical complement pathway inhibition: A novel strategy to dampen complement activation and inflammation in alzheimer’s diseaseOluwadare, Christianah
12-May-2020C1q: A Molecular Bridge to Innate and Adaptive ImmunityGhebrehiwet, , B; Kishore, U
8-Jan-2021C4b Binding Protein (C4BP) acts as an innate immune effector against Influenza A VirusVarghese, PM; Murugaiah, V; Nazar, B; Temperton, N; Khan, HA; Alrokayan, S; Al-Ahdal, MN; Nal, B; A-Mohanna, F; Sim, RB; Kishore, U
7-Feb-2022Carbon nanotube-coated recombinant human surfactant protein D reduces cell viability in an ovarian cancer cell line, SKOV3, and modulates mTOR pathway and pro-inflammatory cytokine responseAlshaya, DS; Jalal, AS; Alburae, NA; Aljarba, NH; Murugaiah, V; Kishore, U; Al-Qahtani, AA
2007Characterisation of Plasmodium falciparum macrophage migration inhibitory factor homologueCordery, D; Kishore, U; Kyes, S; Shafi, MJ; Watkins, KR; Williams, TN; Marsh, K; Urban, BC
2020Characterization of autoreactive B cells and AChR autoantibodies in myasthenia gravisTandon, Kokil
7-Sep-2021Circulating tumour cells and circulating cell-free DNA in lung cancer patients: A comparison between Thoracotomy and Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic SurgeryKatopodis, P; Anikin, V; Kishore, U; Carter, T; Hall, M; Asadi, N; Polychronis, A; Karteris, E
2014Cloning expression and characterisation of the globular head regions of mouse CIQShastri, Abhishek
10-Mar-2020Collectins: Innate Immune Pattern Recognition MoleculesMurugaiah, V; Tsolaki, AG; Kishore, U
2014Complement activation by carbon nanotubes and its influence on the phagocytosis and cytokine response by macrophagesPondman, KM; Sobik, M; Nayak, A; Tsolaki, AG; Jäkel, A; Flahaut, E; Hampel, S; ten Haken, B; Sim, RB; Kishore, U
29-May-2023Complement Activation-Independent Attenuation of SARS-CoV-2 Infection by C1q and C4b-Binding ProteinBeirag, N; Varghese, PM; Neto, MM; Al Aiyan, A; Khan, HA; Qablan, M; Shamji, MH; Sim, RB; Temperton, N; Kishore, U
5-Feb-2019Complement dependent and independent interaction between bovine conglutinin and Mycobacterium bovis BCG: implications in bovine tuberculosisMehamood, A; Kouser, L; Kaur, A; Holmskov, U; A-Ahdal, MN; Sim, RB; Kishore, U; Tsolaki, AG
24-May-2016Complement Factor H interferes with Mycobacterium bovis BCG entry into macrophages and modulates the pro-inflammatory cytokine responseAbdul-Aziz, M; Tsolaki, A; Kouser, L; Carroll, MV; Al-Ahdal, MN; Sim, RB; Kishore, U
20-Nov-2017Complement Protein C1q binds to Hyaluronic Acid in the Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma Microenvironment and Promotes Tumour GrowthVidergar, R; Belmonte, B; Mangogna, A; Amadio, L; Geri, P; Borelli, V; Zanconati, F; Tedesco, F; Confalonieri, M; Tripodo, C; Kishore, U; Bulla, R
22-Dec-2016Complement protein C1q interacts with DC-SIGN via its globular domain, and thus may interfere with HIV-1 transmissionPednekar, L; Pandit, H; Paudyal, B; Kaur, A; Al-Mozaini, M; Kouser, L; Ghebrehiwet, B; Mitchell, DA; Madan, T; Kishore, U
2-May-2021Complement proteins as soluble pattern recognition receptors for pathogenic virusesMurugaiah, V; Varghese, PM; Beirag, N; DeCardova, S; Sim, RB; Kishore, U