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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005American hegemony or global governance? Competing visions of international securityKrahmann, E
2011Beck and beyond: Selling security in the world risk societyKrahmann, E
2008The commodification of security in the risk societyKrahmann, E
2011Debatte vertagt? Militär- und Sicherheitsfirmen in deutschen AuslandseinsätzenKrahmann, E; Friesendorf, C
2006The end of the ‘new world order’? security governance and US imperialism after 9/11Krahmann, E
2012From 'Mercenaries' to 'private security contractors': The (re)construction of armed security providers in international legal discoursesKrahmann, E
2005From state to non-state actors: The emergence of security governanceKrahmann, E
2013Green consumer markets in the fight against climate changeKrahmann, E
2012Private military and security companies, territoriality and the transformation of western security governanceKrahmann, E
2005Private military services in the UK and Germany: Between partnership and regulation1Krahmann, E
2009Private security companies and the state monopoly on violence: A case of norm change?Krahmann, E
2006Regulating military and security services in the European UnionKrahmann, E
2005Regulating private military companies: What role for the EU?Krahmann, E
2005Security governance and networks: New theoretical perspectives in transatlantic securityKrahmann, E
2005Security governance and the private military industry in Europe and North AmericaKrahmann, E
2008Security: Collective good or commodity?Krahmann, E
2014The UN guidelines on the use of armed guards: Recommendations for improvementKrahmann, E
2013The United States, PMSCs and the state monopoly on violence: Leading the way towards norm changeKrahmann, E