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Title: American hegemony or global governance? Competing visions of international security
Authors: Krahmann, E
Keywords: American hegemony;Global governance;International security;Security governance
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: Wiley
Citation: International Studies Review, 7(4): 531 - 545, (December 2005)
Abstract: An overview is given of two competing visions of contemporary international security: United States hegemony and security governance. According to these perspectives, the current generation is either witnessing the return to classical balance-of-power politics, in which the US as the sole surviving superpower can impose hegemonic or imperialist policies upon other nations, or the continuation of a new era of security governance that began after the end of the Cold War. To better understand these two visions, an attempt is made to clarify the concepts of hegemony and security governance and the hypotheses linked to these two approaches. Specifically, it is illustrated why the policies of the US since September 11 might not only be perceived as hegemonic, but also as imperialist within the context of neorealist theorizing.
ISSN: 1521-9488;jsessionid=21EE22B8E860D8C1FD55A22E15A103E2.f01t01
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