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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Impact dynamics and morphology of urea-water-solution droplets impinging on a hot plate under urea-SCR relevant conditions: Influence of surface tensionKulkarni, A; Megaritis, A; Ganippa, L
5-Sep-2020Insights on the morphology of air-assisted breakup of urea-water-solution sprays for varying surface tensionKulkarni, A; Megaritis, A; Ganippa, L
25-Jan-2021Pan-cancer analysis of transcripts encoding novel open-reading frames (nORFs) and their potential biological functionsErady, C; Boxall, A; Puntambekar, S; Suhas Jagannathan, N; Chauhan, R; Chong, D; Meena, N; Kulkarni, A; Kasabe, B; Prathivadi Bhayankaram, K; Umrania, Y; Andreani, A; Nel, J; Wayland, MT; Pina, C; Lilley, KS; Prabakaran, S
2019Spray characteristics of air-assisted urea -SCR sprays of sub-atmospheric temperaturesKulkarni, A; Rohani, B; Megaritis, A; Ganippa, L