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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Nov-2019Acceptability of a brief training programme targeting attention and interpretation biases for threat in youth with a history of maltreatmentLau, JYF; Sharma, NP; Bennett, E; Dhakal, S; Vaswani, A; Pandey, R; Niraula, S; Kumari, V
2014Acoustic prepulse inhibition: One ear is better than two, but why and when?Kumari, V; Hamid, A; Brand, A; Antonova, E
2013Advancing the defensive explanation for anxiety disorders: Lorazepam effects on human defense are systematically modulated by personality and threat-typePerkins, AM; Ettinger, U; Weaver, K; Schmechtig, A; Schrantee, A; Morrison, PD; Sapara, A; Kumari, V; Williams, SCR; Corr, PJ
2014Antisaccade performance in schizophrenia: A neural model of decision making in the superior colliculusCutsuridis, V; Kumari, V; Ettinger, U
25-Jan-2016Appraisals of psychotic experiences: An experimental investigation of symptomatic, remitted and non-need-for-care individualsUnderwood, R; Kumari, V; Peters, E
22-Dec-2020Arts-Based Interventions for Professionals in Caring Roles During and After Crisis: A Systematic Review of the LiteratureHavsteen-Franklin, D; Tjasink, M; Kottler, JW; Grant, C; Kumari, V
7-May-2019Attention Problems Predict Risk of Violence and Rehabilitative Engagement in Mentally Disordered OffendersPuzzo, I; Sedgwick, O; Kelly, R; Greer, B; Kumari, V; Gudjonsson, G; Young, S
24-Oct-2020Atypical social reward anticipation as a transdiagnostic characteristic of psychopathology: A meta-analytic review and critical evaluation of current evidenceAldridge-Waddon, L; Vanova, M; Munneke, J; Puzzo, I; Kumari, V
17-Jan-2017Brain connectivity changes occurring following cognitive behavioural therapy for psychosis predict long-term recoveryMason, L; Peters, E; Williams, SC; Kumari, V
28-Feb-2021Changes in functional connectivity associated with facial expression processing over the working adult lifespanO'Brien, J; Murray, T; Kumari, V
2016Changes in Neurocognitive Architecture in Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea Treated with Continuous Positive Airway PressureRosenzweig, I; Glasser, M; Crum, WR; Kempton, MJ; Milosevic, M; McMillan, A; Leschziner, GD; Kumari, V; Goadsby, P; Simonds, AK; Williams, SCR; Morrell, MJ
2020Childhood maltreatment and its mental health consequences among Indian adolescents with a history of child workPandey, R; Gupta, S; Upadhyay, A; Gupta, RP; Shukla, M; Mishra, RC; Arya, YK; Singh, T; Niraula, S; Yun Fai Lau, J; Kumari, V
16-Nov-2021Clarifying the Roles of Schizotypy and Psychopathic Traits in Lexical Decision PerformanceVanova, M; Aldridge-Waddon, L; Jennings, B; Elbers, L; Puzzo, I; Kumari, V
9-Mar-2016Cognitive and neural models of threat appraisal in psychosis: A theoretical integrationUnderwood, R; Kumari, V; Peters, E
2016Cognitive behavioral therapy normalizes functional connectivity for social threat in psychosisMason, L; Peters, ER; Dima, D; Williams, SC; Kumari, V
2018Combining trait and state model systems of psychosis: The effect of sleep deprivation on cognitive functions in schizotypal individualsKumari, V; Faiola, E; Meyhöfer, I; Kasparbauer, A-M; Ettinger, U
17-Jul-2017Combining two model systems of psychosis: The effects of schizotypy and sleep deprivation on oculomotor control and psychotomimetic statesMeyhöfer, I; Steffens, M; Faiola, E; Kasparbauer, AM; Kumari, V; Ettinger, U
2015Common and distinct neural effects of risperidone and olanzapine during procedural learning in schizophrenia: A randomised longitudinal fMRI studyKumari, V; Ettinger, U; Lee, SE; Deuschl, C; Anilkumar, AP; Schmechtig, A; Corr, PJ; Ffytche, DH; Williams, SCR
8-May-2020Controlled Sleep Deprivation as an Experimental Medicine Model of Schizophrenia: An UpdateKumari, V; Ettinger, U
23-Mar-2021Coping With COVID-19: Mindfulness-Based Approaches for Mitigating Mental Health CrisisAntonova, E; Schlosser, K; Pandey, R; Kumari, V