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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Jan-2017Adaptive partitioning approach to self-sustained smart gridJia, Y; Lai, CS; Xu, Z; Chai, S; Wong, KP
2013Agent-based modeling and neural network for residential customer demand responseXu, FY; Wang, X; Lai, LL; Lai, CS
14-Jan-2016Application of Big Data in Smart GridLai, CS; Lai, LL
27-Oct-2021Arbitrary-Oriented Detection of Insulators in Thermal Imagery via Rotation Region NetworkZheng, H; Liu, Y; Sun, Y; Li, J; Shi, Z; Zhang, C; Lai, CS; Lai, LL
16-Oct-2020Are energy policies for supporting low-carbon power generation killing energy storage?Lai, CS; Locatelli, G
4-Dec-2021Artificial Intelligent Techniques for Solar Energy Generation & Household Load ForecastingLi, Z; Lai, CS; Meng, A; Li, X; Vaccaro, A; Lai, LL
5-Aug-2021Augmented Power Dispatch for Resilient Operation through Controllable Series Compensation and N-1-1 Contingency AssessmentHuang, L; Huang, Z; Lai, CS; Yang, G; Zhao, Z; Tong, N; Wu, X; Lai, LL
21-Nov-2021Axial-flux permanent-magnet synchronous generator with coreless armature and non-integral coil–pole ratioWu, D; Yang, J; Chan, TF; Lai, CS; Li, X; Yan, B; Lai, LL; Wang, D; Gao, X; Meng, K
13-Nov-2021Battery Storage Energy Arbitrage Under Stochastic Dominance Constraints: A New Benchmark Selection ApproachKhaloie, H; Toubeau, J-F; Vallee, F; Lai, CS; Lai, LL; Yan, M
11-Jul-2022Bi-Level Coordinated Planning of Sectionalizing Switches and Tie Lines Considering Operation Mode AdjustmentLuo, Q; Li, W; Gao, C; Zhang, J; Chen, P; Xu, Z; Peng, X; Lai, CS; Lai, LL
1-Jan-2022A Brain-Inspired In-Memory Computing System for Neuronal Communication via Memristive CircuitsJi, X; Dong, Z; Lai, CS; Qi, D
2020Broken Power Strand Detection with Aerial Images: A Machine Learning based ApproachPan, Y; Liu, F; Yang, J; Zhang, W; Li, Y; Lai, CS; Wu, X; Lai, LL; Hong, B
21-Nov-2011Challenges to implementing distributed generation in area electric power systemLai, LL; Chan, SW; Lee, PK; Lai, CS
2016Comparison between Probabilistic Optimal Power Flow and Probabilistic Power Flow with Carbon Emission ConsiderationZhang, H; Lai, CS; Xu, F; Lai, LL
20-Nov-2014Compression of power system signals with waveletsLai, CS
7-Jan-2019Coordinated Air Conditioning Resources Scheduling with High Photovoltaic PenetrationsWu, X; Wu, R; Wang, D; Wei, J; Li, X; Lai, LL; Lai, CS
28-May-2021Coordinated Operation of Electricity and Natural Gas Networks with Consideration of Congestion and Demand ResponseLai, CS; Yan, M; Li, X; Lai, LL; Xu, Y
11-Nov-2018Cost benefit analysis and data analytics for renewable energy and electrical energy storageLai, CS; Li, X; Locatelli, G; Lai, LL
27-Jun-2018Cost-sensitive weighting and imbalance-reversed bagging for streaming imbalanced and concept drifting in electricity pricing classificationNg, WWY; Zhang, J; Lai, CS; Pedrycz, W; Lai, LL; Wang, X
31-Jan-2018Daily clearness index profiles and weather conditions studies for photovoltaic systemsLai, CS; Li, X; Lai, LL; McCulloch, MD