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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Jan-2022Distributed Robust Model Predictive Control-Based Energy Management Strategy for Islanded Multi-Microgrids Considering UncertaintyZhao, Z; Guo, J; Luo, X; Lai, CS; Yang, P; Lai, LL; Li, P; Guerrero, JM; Shahidehpour, M
31-Jul-2020Evidence of disruption of Si-rich microstructure in engineering-lightweight Al–12.2at.%Si alloy melt above liquidus temperatureDong, X; Li, P; Amirkhanlou, S; Ji, S; Popel, PS; Dahlborg, U; Calvo-Dahlborg, M
2002Feature selection for modular neural network classifiersGuan, SU; Li, P
16-Aug-2021Framing and legitimating EU legal regulation of human gene-editing technologies: key facets and functions of an imaginaryMahalatchimy, A; Lau, PL; Li, P; Flear, ML
2002A hierarchical incremental learning approach to task decompositionGuan, SU; Li, P
29-Dec-2021Hierarchical Pigeon-Inspired Optimization-based MPPT Method for Photovoltaic Systems under Complex Partial Shading ConditionsZhao, Z; Zhang, M; Zhang, Z; Wang, Y; Cheng, R; Guo, J; Yang, P; Lai, CS; Li, P; Lai, LL
2004Incremental learning in terms of output attributesGuan, SU; Li, P
5-Aug-2022The integrated modeling of microgrid cyber physical system based on hybrid automatonLi, P; Zhang, F; Yang, Y; Ma, X; Yao, S; Yang, P; Zhao, Z; Lai, CS; Lai, LL
29-Sep-2020Investigation on industrial dataspace for advanced machining workshops: enabling machining operations control with domain knowledge and application case studiesLi, P; Cheng, K; Jiang, P; Katchasuwanmanee, K
2004Modular feature selection using relative importance factorsGuan, SU; Zhu, F; Li, P
17-Sep-2021Multi-Time Scale Economic Optimization Dispatch of the Park Integrated Energy SystemLi, P; Zhang, F; Ma, X; Yao, S; Zhong, Z; Yang, P; Zhao, Z; Lai, CS; Lai, LL
21-Nov-2018Near-Net Forming Complex Shaped Zr-Based Bulk Metallic Glasses by High Pressure Die CastingLiu, L; Zhang, T; Liu, Z; Yu, C; Dong, X; He, L; Gao, K; Zhu, X; Li, W; Wang, C; Li, P; Zhang, L; Li, L
24-May-2022Optimal peak regulation strategy of virtual and thermal power plantsLi, P; Chen, Y; Yang, K; Yang, P; Yu, J; Yao, S; Zhao, Z; Lai, CS; Zobaa, AF; Lai, LL
2011Positivity-preserving H∞ model reduction for positive systemsLi, P; Lam, J; Wang, Z; Date, P