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Title: Multi-Time Scale Economic Optimization Dispatch of the Park Integrated Energy System
Authors: Li, P
Zhang, F
Ma, X
Yao, S
Zhong, Z
Yang, P
Zhao, Z
Lai, CS
Lai, LL
Keywords: integrated energy system;multi-time scale;optimization dispatch;renewable energy;demand response
Issue Date: 17-Sep-2021
Publisher: Frontiers Media SA
Citation: Li P, Zhang F, Ma X, Yao S, Zhong Z, Yang P, Zhao Z, Lai CS and Lai LL (2021) Multi-Time Scale Economic Optimization Dispatch of the Park Integrated Energy System. Front. Energy Res. 9:743619. doi: 10.3389/fenrg.2021.743619
Abstract: Copyright © 2021 Li, Zhang, Ma, Yao, Zhong, Yang, Zhao, Lai and Lai. The park integrated energy system (PIES) plays an important role in realizing sustainable energy development and carbon neutral. Furthermore, its optimization dispatch can improve the energy utilization efficiency and reduce energy systems operation cost. However, the randomness and volatility of renewable energy and the instability of load all bring challenges to its optimal operation. An optimal dispatch framework of PIES is proposed, which constructs the operation models under three different time scales, including day-ahead, intra-day and real-time. Demand response is also divided into three levels considering its response characteristics and cost composition under different time scales. The example analysis shows that the multi-time scale optimization dispatch model can not only meet the supply and demand balance of PIES, diminish the fluctuation of renewable energy and flatten load curves, but also reduce the operation cost and improve the reliability of energy systems.
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