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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Does market structure matter on banks' profitability and stability? Emerging versus advanced economiesMirzaei, A; Liu, G; Moore, T
10-Jan-2018Effect of Bi on the microstructure and mechanical properties of Sn-Zn alloys processed by rollingLiu, G; Ji, S
2011The effect of flow coefficient on the design of miniature centrifugal impellerLiu, G; Chan, WK; 3rd Micro and Nano Flows Conference (MNF2011)
15-Mar-2019Electrochemical corrosion behaviour of Sn-Zn-xBi alloys used for miniature detonating cordsLiu, G; Khorsand, S; Ji, S
2011The emergence of China’s mixed ownership enterprises and their corporate governanceZhang, Wenkui
2011The growth impact of political regimes and instability: impirical evidences from Western EuropeDimitraki, Ourania
2012An international study of bank performance: from the perspective of sustainability and externalityMirzaei, Ali
2009Melt conditioning by advanced shear technology (MCAST) for refining solidification microstructuresFan, Z; Xia, M; Zhang, H; Liu, G; Patel, JB; Bian, Z; Bayandorian, I; Wang, Y; Li, HT; Scamans, GM
2009Melt-conditioned, high-pressure die casting of Mg–Zn–Y alloyXia, M; Mitra, S; Dhindaw, BK; Liu, G; Fan, Z
2007Microstructural characterisation and thermal stability of an Mg-Al-Sr alloy prepared by rheo-diecastingWang, Y; Liu, G; Wang, F; Fan, Z
19-Feb-2019Microstructure, dynamic restoration and recrystallization texture of Sn-Cu after rolling at room temperatureLiu, G; Ji, S
2007Rheo-diecasting AZ91D magnesium alloyLiu, G; Wang, Y; Fan, Z
2018SMEConvNet: A Convolutional Neural Network for Spotting Spontaneous Facial Micro-Expression from Long VideosZhang, Z; Chen, T; Meng, H; Liu, G; Fu, X
2006Stock bubbles: The theory and estimationYang, Qian
2017Stock market activities, economic growth and firm growth: evidence from ChinaNi, Aimin
2012Understanding the performance of the electric power industry in ChinaLiu, G; Zhang, L
2016What determines oil production? A case study of Nigeria and the United KingdomAlalade, Oluwadunsin