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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Dec-2016Complement protein C1q interacts with DC-SIGN via its globular domain, and thus may interfere with HIV-1 transmissionPednekar, L; Pandit, H; Paudyal, B; Kaur, A; Al-Mozaini, M; Kouser, L; Ghebrehiwet, B; Mitchell, DA; Madan, T; Kishore, U
2014Differential expression of collectins in human placenta and role in inflammation during spontaneous Labor.Yadav, AK; Chaudhari, H; Warke, H; Shah, PK; Dodagatta-Marri, E; Kishore, U; Madan, T
5-Feb-2018Fungal melanin stimulates surfactant protein D-mediated opsonization of and host immune response to Aspergillus fumigatus sporesWah Wong, SS; Rani, M; Dodagatta-Marri, E; Ibrahim-Granet, O; Kishore, U; Bayry, J; Latgé, JP; Sahu, A; Madan, T; Aimanianda, V
19-Aug-2020Host-pathogen interaction in COVID-19: Pathogenesis, potential therapeutics and vaccination strategiesVarghese, PM; Tsolaki, AG; Yasmin, H; Shastri, A; Ferluga, J; Vatish, M; Madan, T; Kishore, U
9-Dec-2021Human Properdin Released By Infiltrating Neutrophils Can Modulate Influenza A Virus InfectionVarghese, P; Mukherjee, S; Al-Mohanna, F; Saleh, S; Almajhdi, F; Beirag, N; Alkahtani, S; Rajkumari, R; Nal Rogier, B; Sim, RB; Idicula-Thomas, S; Madan, T; Murugaiah, V; Kishore, U
2019Human SP-D acts as an innate immune surveillance molecule against androgen-responsive and androgen-resistant prostate cancer cellsThakur, G; Prakash, G; Murthy, V; Sable, N; Menon, S; Alrokayan, S; Khan, H; Murugaiah, V; Bakshi, G; Kishore, U; Madan, T
2013Human surfactant protein D alters oxidative stress and HMGA1 expression to induce p53 apoptotic pathway in eosinophil leukemic cell lineMahajan, L; Pandit, H; Madan, T; Gautam, P; Yadav, AK; Warke, H; Sundaram, CS; Sirdeshmukh, R; Sarma, PU; Kishore, U; Surolia, A
14-May-2021Human Surfactant Protein D Binds Spike protein and acts as an entry inhibitor of SARS-CoV-2 Pseudotyped viral particlesHsieh, M-H; Beirag, N; Murugaiah, V; Chou, Y-C; Kuo, W-S; Kao, H-F; Madan, T; Kishore, U; Wang, J-Y
28-Jul-2022Human Surfactant Protein D Facilitates SARS-CoV-2 Pseudotype Binding and Entry in DC-SIGN Expressing Cells, and Downregulates Spike protein Induced InflammationBeirag, N; Kumar, C; Madan, T; Shamji, MH; Bulla, R; Mitchell, D; Murugaiah, V; Maayora Neto, M; Temperton, N; Idicula-Thomas, S; Varghese, PM; Kishore, U
8-Jul-2020Hyaluronic Acid Present in the Tumor Microenvironment Can Negate the Pro-apototic Effect of a Recombinant Fragment of Human Surfactant Protein D on Breast Cancer CellsMurugaiah, V; Agostinis, C; Varghese, PM; Belmonte, B; Vieni, S; Alaql, F; Alrokayan, S; Khan, H; Kaur, A; Roberts, T; Madan, T; Bulla, R; Kishore, U
7-Jul-2022Immunomodulatory Role of Surfactant Protein-D in a Transgenic Adenocarcinoma of Mouse Prostate (TRAMP) ModelGanguly, K; Kishore, U; Metkari, SM; Madan, T
21-Oct-2020Interplay between C-type lectin receptors and microRNAs in cellular homeostasis and immune responseGanguly, K; Kishore, U; Madan, T
19-Jan-2021Membrane interactome of a recombinant fragment of human Surfactant Protein D reveals GRP78 as a novel binding partner in PC3, a metastatic prostate cancer cell lineThakur, G; Sathe, G; Kundu, I; Biswas, B; Gautam, P; Alkahtani, S; Idicula-Thomas, S; Sirdeshmukh, R; Kishore, U; Madan, T
2016Mesenchymal stem cells: a promising tool for targeted gene therapy of EndometriosisGopalakrishnan, ARK; Kishore, U; Madan, T
2020Odyssey of Surfactant Proteins, SP-A and SP-D: Innate Immune Surveillance MoleculesKishore, U; Bulla, R; Madan, T
2017Protein-protein interaction between surfactant protein D and DC-SIGN via C-type lectin domain can suppress HIV-1 transferKishore, U; Dodagatta-Marri, E; Mitchell, DA; Pandit, H; Sonowane, A; Murigaiah, V; Idicula-Thomas, S; Nal, B; Al-Mozaini, M; Kaur, A; Madan, T
30-Mar-2021A recombinant fragment of Human surfactant protein D binds Spike protein and inhibits infectivity and replication of SARS-CoV-2 in clinical samplesMadan, T; Biswas, B; Varghese, PM; Subedi, R; Pandit, H; Idicula-Thomas, S; Kundu, I; Rooge, S; Agarwal, R; Tripathi, DM; Kaur, S; Gupta, E; Gupta, SK; Kishore, U
2016Role of Collectins and Complement Protein C1q in pregnancy and parturitionMadhukaran, SP; Alhamlan, FS; Kale, K; Vatish, M; Madan, T; Kishore, U
2020Serum levels of collectins are sustained during pregnancy: Surfactant protein D levels are dysregulated prior to missed abortionKale, K; Vishwekar, P; Balsarkar, G; Jassawalla, M; Alkahtani, S; Kishore, U; Sawant, G; Madan, T
2016Surfactant protein D induces immune quiescence and apoptosis of mitogen-activated peripheral blood mononuclear cellsPandit, H; Thakur, G; Koippallil Gopalakrishnan, AR; Dodagatta-Marri, E; Patil, A; Kishore, U; Madan, T