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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Dispelling urban myths about default uncertainty factors in chemical risk assessment - Sufficient protection against mixture effects?Martin, OV; Martin, S; Andreas, K
2019Effects of music in exercise and sport: A meta-analytic reviewTerry, PC; Karageorghis, CI; Curran, ML; Martin, OV; Parsons-Smith, RL
15-Nov-2021Environmental Life Cycle Impacts of Inert/Less Reactive Waste Materials: A report prepared for DefraIacovidou, E; Gerassimidou, S; Martin, OV
2011An evaluation of metal removal during wastewater treatment: The potential to achieve more stringent final effluent standardsZiolko, D; Martin, OV; Scrimshaw, MD; Lester, JN
21-Dec-2021Evidenced-based approaches to support the development of endocrine-mediated Adverse Outcome Pathways: Challenges and OpportunitiesAudouze, K; Zgheib, E; Abass, K; Baig, A; Forner-Piquer, I; Holbech, H; Knapen, D; Leonards, PE; Lupu, DI; Palaniswamy, S; Rautio, A; Sapounidou, M; Martin, OV
23-Aug-2017A Human Mixture Risk Assessment for Neurodevelopmental Toxicity Associated with Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers Used as Flame Retardants.Martin, OV; Evans, RM; Faust, M; Kortenkamp, A
3-Mar-2020Impacts of food contact chemicals on human health: a consensus statementMuncke, J; Andersson, A-M; Backhaus, T; Boucher, JM; Carney Almroth, B; Castillo Castillo, A; Chevrier, J; Demeneix, BA; Emmanuel, JA; Fini, J-B; Gee, D; Geueke, B; Groh, K; Heindel, JJ; Houlihan, J; Kassotis, CD; Kwiatkowski, CF; Lefferts, LY; Maffini, MV; Martin, OV; Myers, JP; Nadal, A; Nerin, C; Pelch, KE; Fernández, SR; Sargis, RM; Soto, AM; Trasande, L; Vandenberg, LN; Wagner, M; Wu, C; Zoeller, RT; Scheringer, M
14-Jun-2016A proposed framework for the systematic review and integrated assessment (SYRINA) of endocrine disrupting chemicalsVandenberg, LN; Ågerstrand, M; Beronius, A; Beausoleil, C; Bergman, Å; Bero, LA; Bornehag, C-G; Boyer, CS; Cooper, GS; Cotgreave, I; Gee, D; Grandjean, P; Guyton, KZ; Hass, U; Heindel, JJ; Jobling, S; Kidd, KA; Kortenkamp, A; Macleod, MR; Martin, OV; Norinder, U; Scheringer, M; Thayer, KA; Toppari, J; Whaley, P; Woodruff, TJ; Rudén, C
2005Receiver operating characteristic analysis for environmental diagnosis. A potential application to endocrine disruptor screening : In vitro estrogenicity bioassaysMartin, OV; Lai, KM; Scrimshaw, MD; Lester, JN
2013Science and policy on endocrine disrupters must not be mixed: a reply to a "common sense" intervention by toxicology journal editorsBergman, A; Andersson, A-M; Becher, G; van den Berg, M; Blumberg, B; Bjerregaard, P; Bornehag, C-G; Bornman, R; Brandt, I; Brian, JV; Casey, SC; Fowler, PA; Frouin, H; Giudice, LC; Iguchi, T; Hass, U; Jobling, S; Juul, A; Kidd, KA; Kortenkamp, A; Lind, M; Martin, OV; Muir, D; Ochieng, R; Olea, N; Norrgren, L; Ropstad, E; Ross, PS; Ruden, C; Scheringer, M; Skakkebaek, NE; Soder, O; Sonnenschein, C; Soto, A; Swan, S; Toppari, J; Tyler, CR; Vandenberg, LN; Vinggaard, AM; Wiberg, K; Zoeller, RT
2017Scientific challenges in the risk assessment of food contact materialsMuncke, J; Backhaus, T; Geueke, B; Maffini, MV; Martin, OV; Myers, JP; Soto, AM; Trasande, L; Trier, X; Scheringer, M
2016Should the scope of human mixture risk assessment span legislative/regulatory silos for chemicals?Evans, RM; Martin, OV; Faust, M; Kortenkamp, A
2009Sustainable risk management of emerging contaminants in municipal wastewatersMartin, OV; Voulvoulis, N
18-May-2022Systematic evidence on migrating and extractable food contact chemicals: Most chemicals detected in food contact materials are not listed for useGeueke, B; Groh, KJ; Maffini, MV; Martin, OV; Boucher, JM; Chiang, Y-T; Gwosdz, F; Jieh, P; Kassotis, CD; Łańska, P; Myers, JP; Odermatt, A; Parkinson, LV; Schreier, VN; Srebny, V; Zimmermann, L; Scheringer, M; Muncke, J
2008Testicular dysgenesis syndrome and the estrogen hypothesis: A quantitative meta-analysisMartin, OV; Shialis, T; Lester, JN; Scrimshaw, MD; Boobis, AR; Voulvoulis, N
4-Mar-2022Unpacking the complexity of the PET drink bottles value chain: A chemicals perspectiveGerassimidou, S; Lanska, P; Hahladakis, JN; Lovat, E; Vanzetto, S; Geueke, B; Groh, KJ; Muncke, J; Maffini, M; Martin, OV; Iacovidou, E