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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Nov-2022Artificial sweeteners inhibit multidrug‐resistant pathogen growth and potentiate antibiotic activityProctor, CR; Maslova, E; Dzalbe, S; Rudolph, CJ; McCarthy, RR
13-Jan-2022Breaking antimicrobial resistance by disrupting extracytoplasmic protein foldingFurniss, RCD; Kaderabkova, N; Barker, D; Bernal, P; Maslova, E; Antwi, AAA; McNeil, HE; Pugh, HL; Dortet, L; Blair, JMA; Larrouy-Maumus, GJ; McCarthy, RR; Gonzalez, D; Mavridou, DAI
9-Sep-2021Burns and Biofilms: Priority pathogens and in vivo modelsMaslova, E; Eisaiankhongi, L; Sjöberg, F; McCarthy, R
2024Carbon source competition within the wound microenvironment can significantly influence infection progression.Maslova, E; EisaianKhongi, L; Rigole, P; Coenye, T; McCarthy, RR
22-Jun-2023Using the Galleria mellonella burn wound and infection model to identify and characterize potential wound probioticsMaslova, E; Osman, S; McCarthy, RR