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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Characterisation and processing of carbon-based reinforced Al-MMCs for thermal management applications”Torres Miranda, Alberto
2016Effects of a Niobium-Boron grain refiner on undercooling and microstructural evolution of aluminium silicon alloysLloyd, Samuel Jordan
6-Jun-2016Evolution of structural, mechanical and tribological properties of Ni-P/MWCNT coatings as a function of annealing temperatureWang, Q; Callisti, M; Miranda, A; McKay, B; Deligkiozi, I; Kosanovic Milickovic, T; Zoikis-Karathanasis, A; Hrissagis, K; Magagnin, L; Polcar, T
2018Fibre/matrix intermetallic phase formation in novel aluminium-basalt compositesAdole, O; Barekar, N; McKay, B; Anguilano, L; Minton, T; Novytskyi, A
1-Jan-2022Manufacturing of Nano-Reinforced Aluminium Composites By a Combination of Stir Mixing, Ultrasonic Processing, and High-Pressure Die CastingLiu, G; Karim, M; Eskin, D; McKay, B
2021Material bond, formation, and growth, in Al/Mg compound castingsSchneider, Kilian
2020Methods to re-use and recycle aluminum machining swarfAnguilano, L; Minton, T; McKay, B; Uka, J
6-Jul-2018Microstructural characteristics of a novel aluminium/basalt compositeBelloir, C; Adole, O; Houdart, H; Marras, L; Anguilano, L; Minton, T; Barekar, N; Nelson, N; Novytskyi, A; McKay, B
26-Mar-2022Processing of SiC nano-reinforced AlSi9Cu3 composites by stir mixing, ultrasonication and high pressure die castingLiu, G; Karim, M; Wang, S; Eskin, D; McKay, B