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Title: Microstructural characteristics of a novel aluminium/basalt composite
Authors: Belloir, C
Adole, O
Houdart, H
Marras, L
Anguilano, L
Minton, T
Barekar, N
Nelson, N
Novytskyi, A
McKay, B
Keywords: Basalt Fibres;Recycled Aluminium;Metal Matrix Composites;Intermetallics
Issue Date: 6-Jul-2018
Abstract: Use of recycled aluminium feed-stock is limited due to its purity. Recycled aluminium can be reprocessed using just 5% of the energy required for virgin alloy production making it a resource of strategic importance. However, only half the aluminium produced/annum in the UK is of recycled origin. This limitation in uptake is due to excess iron in mixed alloy assemblies such as cars. The iron content generally forms detrimental acicular intermetallics. In this study we propose the addition of basalt fibres as reinforcement in addition to provoking a beneficial chemical reaction resulting in the transformation of the acicular intermetallics into a more desirable blocky morphology.
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