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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Jan-2021Assessing Markers of Reproducibility and Transparency in Smoking Behaviour Change Intervention EvaluationsNorris, E; He, Y; Loh, R; West, R; Michie, S
9-Nov-2021The CUSSH programme: Supporting cities' transformational change towards health and sustainabilityDavies, M; Belesova, K; Crane, M; Hale, J; Haines, A; Hutchinson, E; Kiesewetter, G; Mberu, B; Mohajeri, N; Michie, S; Milner, J; Moore, G; Osrin, D; Pineo, H; Pluchinotta, I; Prasad, A; Salvia, G; Symonds, P; Taylor, J; Turcu, C; Tsoulou, I; Zimmermann, N; Wilkinson, P
30-Apr-2024A data extraction template for the behaviour change intervention ontologyNorris, E; Zhang, L; Wuerstl, K; Froome, H; Michie, S
26-Feb-2021Delivering Behaviour Change Interventions: Development of a Mode of Delivery OntologyMarques, MM; Carey, RN; Norris, E; Evans, F; Finnerty, AN; Hastings, J; Jenkins, E; Johnston, M; West, R; Michie, S
10-Jun-2020Development of an Intervention Setting Ontology for behaviour change: Specifying where interventions take placeNorris, E; Marques, MM; Finnerty, AN; Wright, AJ; West, R; Hastings, J; Williams, P; Carey, RN; Kelly, MP; Johnston, M; Michie, S
May-2020HBCP Corpus: A New Resource for the Analysis of Behaviour Change Intervention ReportsBonin, F; Finnerty, A; Moore, C; Jochim, C; Norris, E; Hou, Y; Gleize, M; Ganguly, D; Wright, A; Hayes, E; Zink, S; Pascale, A; Mac Aonghusa, P; Michie, S
18-Oct-2017The Human Behaviour-Change Project: harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning for evidence synthesis and interpretation.Michie, S; Thomas, J; Johnston, M; Aonghusa, PM; Shawe-Taylor, J; Kelly, MP; Deleris, LA; Finnerty, AN; Marques, MM; Norris, E; O'Mara-Eves, A; West, R
18-Dec-2020Ontologies relevant to behaviour change interventions: a method for their developmentWright, AJ; Norris, E; Finnerty, AN; Marques, MM; Johnston, M; Kelly, MP; Hastings, J; West, R; Michie, S
6-Jan-2021Representation of behaviour change interventions and their evaluation: Development of the Upper Level of the Behaviour Change Intervention OntologyMichie, S; West, R; Finnerty, AN; Norris, E; Wright, AJ; Marques, MM; Johnston, M; Kelly, MP; Thomas, J; Hastings, J
14-Jan-2019A scoping review of ontologies related to human behaviour change.Norris, E; Finnerty, AN; Hastings, J; Stokes, G; Michie, S
2021Specifying who delivers behaviour change interventions: development of an Intervention Source OntologyNorris, E; Wright, AJ; Hastings, J; West, R; Boyt, N; Michie, S
2018Unsupervised information extraction from behaviour change literatureGanguly, D; Deleris, LA; Mac Aonghusa, P; Wright, AJ; Finnerty, AN; Norris, E; Marques, MM; Michie, S
23-Mar-2021Why and how to engage expert stakeholders in ontology development: Insights from social and behavioural sciencesNorris, E; Hastings, J; Marques, MM; Finnerty, AN; Zink, S; Michie, S