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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-May-2019Alcohol Use, High Risk Behaviors, and Experiences of Discrimination among Transgender Women in the Dominican RepublicHearld, KR; Milner, A; Abreu, N; Budhwani, H; Rodriguez-Lauzurique, RM; Paulino- Ramirez, R
6-Nov-2019Anti-black attitudes are a threat to health equity in the United StatesMilner, A; Franz, B
1-Mar-2021Brexit and European doctors’ decisions to leave the United Kingdom: A qualitative analysis of free-text questionnaire commentsMilner, A; Nielsen, R; Norris, E
24-Jun-2021Brexit and the European National Health Service England workforce: A quantitative analysis of doctors’ perceived professional impact and intentions to leave the United KingdomMilner, A; Nielsen, R; Verdery, A
22-Dec-2020Charging of overseas visitors in England and universal health coverage: a cross-sectional analysis of NHS trustsDobbin, J; Milner, A; Dobbin, A; Potter, J
13-Nov-2019Colorblind RacismMilner, A
16-Jul-2021Do Black Lives Matter in the American Public’s Mitigation Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic? An Analysis of Mask Wearing and Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Deaths from COVID-19Franz, B; Milner, A; Braddock II, JH
2016Equality or Equity? Sex Differences in Attitudes toward Females’ Sports Opportunity and Title IXMikulyuk, A; Milner, A; Braddock II, JH
30-Oct-2018Girls’ Hidden Penalty: Analysis of Gender Inequality in Child Mortality with Data from 195 CountriesIqbal, N; Giouleka, A; Milner, A; Montag, D; Gallo, V
2014Post-Race Ideology in Blackface: What Trayvon Martin Teaches Us about Colorblind Racism and Whites’ Love for Martin Luther King, Jr. and Barack ObamaMilner, A
19-Jul-2021A qualitative evaluation of Southwark Council’s public health response to mitigating the mental health impact of the 2017 London bridge and borough market terror attackJumbe, S; Milner, A; Clinch, M; Kennedy, J; Pinder, RJ; Sharpe, CA; Fenton, K
27-May-2021A quantitative study of race and gender representation within London medical school leadershipHoque, S; Baker, EH; Milner, A
2020Race-ethnic and gender differences in representation within the English National Health Service: a quantitative analysisMilner, A; Baker, E; Jeraj, S; Butt, J
20-Jan-2022The Relationship between Systemic Racism, Residential Segregation, and Racial/Ethnic Disparities in COVID-19 Deaths in the United StatesFranz, B; Milner, A; Parker, B; Braddock, JH
23-Apr-2019Sex Work, Social Support, and Stigma: Experiences of Transgender Women in the Dominican RepublicMilner, A; Hearld, KR; Abreu, N; Budhwani, H; Rodriguez-Lauzurique, RM; Paulino- Ramirez, R
26-Sep-2017Transgender Women's Experiences with Stigma, Trauma, and Attempted Suicide in the Dominican RepublicBudhwani, H; Hearld, KR; Milner, A; Charow, R; McGlaughlin, E; Rodriguez-Lauzurique, RM; Rosario, S; Paulino-Ramirez, R
21-Jul-2020Using the right words to address racial disparities in COVID-19Milner, A; Jumbe, S
25-Sep-2020We Need to Talk About Racism—In All of Its Forms—To Understand COVID-19 DisparitiesMilner, A; Franz, B; Henry Braddock, J
25-Aug-2020What is intersectionality and why is it important in oral health research?Muirhead, V; Milner, A; Freeman, R; Doughty, J; Macdonald, ME