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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Dec-2018AIDS in the Shadow of Biomedicine Inside South Africa's EpidemicNiehaus, I
2015Ancestors and antiretrovirals: The biopolitics of HIV/AIDS in post-apartheid South AfricaNiehaus, I
2017Anthropology at the dawn of apartheid radcliffe-brown and malinowski’s South African engagements, 1919–1934Niehaus, I
2016Anthropology at the Dawn of Apartheid: Radcliffe-Brown and Malinowski’s South African Engagements, 1918-1934Niehaus, I
2019Being a nurse the Indian way: an exploration of the lived experiences of Indian nurses, who came to the United Kingdom (UK) for higher education studies and workCarter, Michelle Teresa
28-Sep-2021Blaming the Father: Witchcraft, De-Industrialization and Generation in South AfricaNiehaus, I
2013Confronting uncertainty: Anthropology and zones of the extraordinaryNiehaus, I
2018‘Ethical Dilemmas in the Field: Witchcraft and Biomedical Aetiology in South Africa.’Niehaus, I
17-Apr-2020The ‘ethnographic life’ of Max GluckmanNiehaus, I
2010Friends, corporate parents and pentecostal churches: Unaccompanied asylum seekers from the Democratic Republic of Congo in LondonWahlström, Åsa Maria Charlotte
2012Gendered endings: Narratives of male and female suicides in the South African LowveldNiehaus, I
2014'I dont want to hear': HIV, AIDS and the power of words in Bushbuckridge, South AfricaNiehaus, I
2015The indigenous system of social relations (1934), with an introduction by Isak NiehausHoernle, AW; Niehaus, I
2013Kuru, AIDS and Witchcraft: Reconfiguring culpability in Melanesia and in AfricaNiehaus, I
2012Landscape, practice and tradition in a Sicilian marketMarovelli, Brigida
2016Marriage, Kinship and Childcare in the Aftermath AIDS: Rethinking Orphanhood in the South African LowveldNiehaus, I
2016Moral Citizenship. An ethnographic exploration of the category of victimhood in post-genocide RwandaGuglielmo, Federica
2015Moralising magic? A brief history of football potions in a South African homeland area, 1958–2010Niehaus, I
1-Jul-2021Savages Have No Crime!Niehaus, I
2019Seeing Through Dreams: On the Efficacy of Antiretroviral Drugs in the South African LowveldNiehaus, I