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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Dec-2022Asprosin Exerts Pro-Inflammatory Effects in THP-1 Macrophages Mediated via the Toll-like Receptor 4 (TLR4) PathwayShabir, K; Gharanei, S; Orton, S; Patel, V; Chauhan, P; Karteris, E; Randeva, HS; Brown, JE; Kyrou, I
10-Nov-2021Bicycle Safety Lights and Driving Behaviour: A Real-World Pilot StudyBishop, D; Broadbent, D; Sachdeva, R; Patel, V
20-Jun-2022An efficient optimization of an irreversible Ericsson refrigeration cycle based on thermo-ecological criteriaPrajapati, P; Patel, V; Jouhara, H
28-Mar-2022NUCB2/Nesfatin-1 Reduces Obesogenic Diet Induced Inflammation in Mice Subcutaneous White Adipose TissueGharanei, S; Ramanjaneya, M; Patel, AH; Patel, V; Shabir, K; Auld, C; Karteris, E; Kyrou, I; Randeva, HS
20-Dec-2022Thermal efficiency and specific work optimization of combined Brayton and inverse Brayton cycle: A multi-objective approachPrajapati, P; Patel, V; Raja, BD; Jouhara, H
20-Jan-2024Thermodynamic evaluation of shell and tube heat exchanger through advanced exergy analysisPrajapati, P; Raja, BD; Savaliya, H; Patel, V; Jouhara, H