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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Jul-2019The effects of residual gas trapping on part load performance and emissions of a spark ignition direct injection engine fuelled with wet ethanolLanzanova, TDM; Dalla Nora, M; Martins, MES; Machado, PRM; Pedrozo, VB; Zhao, H
2016Experimental analysis of ethanol dual-fuel combustion in a heavy-duty diesel engine: An optimisation at low loadPedrozo, VB; May, I; Dalla Nora, M; Cairns, A; Zhao, H
24-Feb-2017Exploring the mid-load potential of ethanol-diesel dual-fuel combustion with and without EGRPedrozo, VB; May, I; Zhao, H
25-May-2018High efficiency ethanol-diesel dual-fuel combustion: A comparison against conventional diesel combustion from low to full engine loadPedrozo, VB; May, I; Guan, W; Zhao, H
4-Nov-2017Improvement in high load ethanol-diesel dual-fuel combustion by Miller cycle and charge air coolingPedrozo, VB; Zhao, H
20-Feb-2019Miller cycle combined with exhaust gas recirculation and post–fuel injection for emissions and exhaust gas temperature control of a heavy-duty diesel engineGuan, W; Pedrozo, VB; Zhao, H; Ban, Z; Lin, T
2016Potential of internal EGR and throttled operation for low load extension of ethanol-diesel dual-fuel reactivity controlled compression ignition combustion on a heavy-duty enginePedrozo, VB; May, I; Lanzanova, TDM; Zhao, H
26-Apr-2019Variable valve actuation–based combustion control strategies for efficiency improvement and emissions control in a heavy-duty diesel engineGuan, W; Pedrozo, VB; Zhao, H; Ban, Z; Lin, T