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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Nov-2018Consumer-Led Power Management in Local Distribution NetworksDavarzani, S; Pisica, I; Taylor, GA
18Development of a novel multi-agent system for residential voltage control using demand response based on customer behaviourDavarzani, S; Pisica, I; Taylor, G
2017Development of a statistical model for household electrical appliances: a case study Hillingdon Borough of London in the UKSheboniea, Mussa A M
2017Exploiting granular electrical energy data and the challenges a utility company faces with an ageing asset basePisica, I; Gray, A; taylor, G; Whitehurst, L
2018Feature Extraction-based Real-Time Transient Stability AnalysisSaunders, CS; Alamuti, MM; Pisica, I; Taylor, G; Liu, Y; Liu, J
19-Jul-2019Implementation of a novel multi-agent system for demand response management in low-voltage distribution networksDavarzani, S; Granell, R; Taylor, GA; Pisica, I
2013Implementation of wide area monitoring systems and laboratory-based deployment of PMUsGolshani, M; Taylor, GA; Pisica, I; Ashton, P
2014Investigation of multi-phase tubular permanent magnet linear generator for wave energy convertersGargov, NP; Zobaa, AF; Pisica, I
2012Investigation of open standards to enable interoperable wide area monitoring for transmission systemsGolshani, M; Taylor, GA; Pisica, I; Ashton, P
2012Laboratory-based deployment and investigation of PMU and OpenPDC capabilitiesGolshani, M; Taylor, GA; Pisica, I; Ashton, P
2016Lessons learnt from mining meter data of residential consumersBlazakis, K; Davarzani, S; Stavrakakis, G; Pisica, I
2018Multi agent system framework for demand response management in distribution networksDavarzani, Sima
2014A multi-agent model for assessing electricity tariffsPisica, I; Axon, CJ; Hobson, PR; Taylor, GA; Wallom, DCH
2017Novel model for defining electricity tariffs using residential load profile characterisationDavarzani, S; Pisica, I; Lipan, L
2015Novel performance evaluation of information and communication technologies to enable wide area monitoring systems for enhanced transmission network operationGolshani, Mohammad
2015Parallel detrended fluctuation analysis for fast event detection on massive PMU dataKhan, M; Ashton, PM; Li, M; Taylor, GA; Pisica, I; Liu, J
2014Performance analysis of wide area network communications using discrete event simulation toolsGolshani, M; Taylor, GA; Pisica, I; Ashton, PM; Chen, C; Liu, J; Lin, J
2015Performance evaluation of MPLS-enabled communications infrastructure for wide area monitoring systemsGolshani, M; Taylor, GA; Pisica, I; Ashton, PM
2016Performance of grid-connected solar photovoltaic systems with single-tuned and double-tuned harmonic passive filtersMendis, MA; Zobaa, AF; Pisica, I; Abdel Aleem, SHE
2018A review of enabling methodologies for information processing in smart gridsVaccaro, A; Pisica, I; Lai, LL; Zobaa, AF