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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Artificial intelligence for optimisation and demand side response in built environmentMesa Jiménez, José Joaquín
20-Nov-2018Consumer-Led Power Management in Local Distribution NetworksDavarzani, S; Pisica, I; Taylor, GA
13-Apr-2021A Data Driven Approach to Robust Event Detection in Smart Grids Based on Random Matrix Theory and Kalman FilteringHan, F; Ashton, P; Li, M; Pisica, I; Taylor, G; Rawn, B; Ding, Y
18Development of a novel multi-agent system for residential voltage control using demand response based on customer behaviourDavarzani, S; Pisica, I; Taylor, G
2017Development of a statistical model for household electrical appliances: a case study Hillingdon Borough of London in the UKSheboniea, Mussa A M
2017Exploiting granular electrical energy data and the challenges a utility company faces with an ageing asset basePisica, I; Gray, A; taylor, G; Whitehurst, L
2018Feature Extraction-based Real-Time Transient Stability AnalysisSaunders, CS; Alamuti, MM; Pisica, I; Taylor, G; Liu, Y; Liu, J
19-Jul-2019Implementation of a novel multi-agent system for demand response management in low-voltage distribution networksDavarzani, S; Granell, R; Taylor, GA; Pisica, I
2013Implementation of wide area monitoring systems and laboratory-based deployment of PMUsGolshani, M; Taylor, GA; Pisica, I; Ashton, P
2014Investigation of multi-phase tubular permanent magnet linear generator for wave energy convertersGargov, NP; Zobaa, AF; Pisica, I
2012Investigation of open standards to enable interoperable wide area monitoring for transmission systemsGolshani, M; Taylor, GA; Pisica, I; Ashton, P
2012Laboratory-based deployment and investigation of PMU and OpenPDC capabilitiesGolshani, M; Taylor, GA; Pisica, I; Ashton, P
2016Lessons learnt from mining meter data of residential consumersBlazakis, K; Davarzani, S; Stavrakakis, G; Pisica, I
2018Multi agent system framework for demand response management in distribution networksDavarzani, Sima
2014A multi-agent model for assessing electricity tariffsPisica, I; Axon, CJ; Hobson, PR; Taylor, GA; Wallom, DCH
23-Apr-2021Nodal Sensitivity-Based Smart Inverter Control for Voltage Regulation in Distribution FeederCeylan, O; Paudyal, S; Pisica, I
2017Novel model for defining electricity tariffs using residential load profile characterisationDavarzani, S; Pisica, I; Lipan, L
2015Novel performance evaluation of information and communication technologies to enable wide area monitoring systems for enhanced transmission network operationGolshani, Mohammad
10-Aug-2021Operational Challenges to Accommodate High Penetration of Electric Vehicles: A Comparison between UK and ChinaLai, CS; Chen, D; Xu, X; Taylor, GA; Pisica, I; Lai, LL
2015Parallel detrended fluctuation analysis for fast event detection on massive PMU dataKhan, M; Ashton, PM; Li, M; Taylor, GA; Pisica, I; Liu, J