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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-May-2023A Brain-inspired Hierarchical Interactive In-memory Computing System and its Application in Video Sentiment AnalysisJi, X; Dong, Z; Han, Y; Lai, CS; Qi, D
1-Jan-2022A Brain-Inspired In-Memory Computing System for Neuronal Communication via Memristive CircuitsJi, X; Dong, Z; Lai, CS; Qi, D
6-Jan-2023Circuit Design of Memristor-based GRU and its Applications in SOC EstimationWang, J; Ji, X; Dong, Z; Zhang, Z; Lai, CS; Qi, D
31-Oct-2022Design and Implementation of a Flexible Neuromorphic Computing System for Affective Communication via Memristive CircuitsDong, Z; Ji, X; Lai, CS; Qi, D
31-Mar-2023EMSN: An Energy-Efficient Memristive Sequencer Network for Human Emotion Classification in Mental Health MonitoringJi, X; Dong, Z; Han, Y; Lai, CS; Zhou, G; Qi, D
16-Feb-2022A Flexible Memristor Model with Electronic Resistive Switching Memory Behavior and its Application in Spiking Neural NetworkJi, X; Lai, CS; Zhou, G; Dong, Z; Qi, D; Lai, LL
7-Nov-2022Memristive Circuit Design of Sequencer Network for Human Emotion ClassificationJi, X; Dong, Z; Wang, H; Lai, CS; Qi, D
2-Feb-2023Memristive Devices and Systems: Modeling, Properties and ApplicationsLai, CS; Dong, Z; Qi, D
20-Dec-2021Memristive System Based Image Processing Technology: A Review and PerspectiveJi, X; Dong, Z; Zhou, G; Lai, CS; Yan, Y; Qi, D
15-Mar-2022Memristor-Based Hierarchical Attention Network for Multimodal Affective Computing in Mental Health MonitoringDong, Z; Ji, X; Lai, CS; Qi, D; Zhou, G; Lai, LL
22-Apr-2021Neuromorphic Extreme Learning Machines with Bimodal Memristive SynapsesDong, Z; Lai, CS; Zhang, Z; Qi, D; Gao, M; Duan, S
11-Sep-2022A physics-oriented memristor model with the coexistence of NDR effect and RS memory behavior for bio-inspired computingJi, X; Dong, Z; Lai, CS; Zhou, G; Qi, D
29-Jul-2021Resilient cooling strategies – A critical review and qualitative assessmentZhang, C; Kazanci, OB; Levinson, R; Heiselberg, P; Olesen, BW; Chiesa, G; Sodagar, B; Ai, Z; Selkowitz, S; Zinzi, M; Mahdavi, A; Teufl, H; Kolokotroni, M; Salvati, A; Bozonnet, E; Chtioui, F; Salagnac, P; Rahif, R; Attia, S; Lemort, V; Elnagar, E; Breesch, H; Sengupta, A; Wang, LL; Qi, D; Stern, P; Yoon, N; Bogatu, D-I; Rupp, RF; Arghand, T; Javed, S; Akander, J; Hayati, A; Cehlin, M; Sayadi, S; Forghani, S; Zhang, H; Arens, E; Zhang, G
15-Jun-2021TSSM: Three-State Switchable Memristor Model Based on Ag/TiOx Nanobelt/Ti ConfigurationJi, X; Qi, D; Dong, Z; Lai, CS; Zhou, G; Hu, X