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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Adjudication on the Rights of Sexual Minorities in the Muslim WorldRehman, J
Oct-2017Article 18 From Rhetoric to Reality: A report of the All Party Parliamentary Group on International Religious FreedomRehman, J; Evans, M; Thane, K
2014Combating International Terrorism without Undermining Human Rights - Is there a way forward?Rehman, J
2018Combating the trafficking of women in the United Arab Emirates: a critical analysis of the United Arab Emirates legal response in the context of international lawAlbannai, Humaid Ali Mohammad
2018A critical evaluation on combating child sexual abuse and the limitations of international law: a case study of United Arab EmiratesAlMatrooshi, Ali Mohammed Juma Majed
2010Democracy in Islamic and international law: A case study of Saudi ArabiaAl-Harbi, Ibrahim Sulaiman
2019Diplomatic protection as a dispute settlement mechanism in investor-state arbitration, in the light of modern international lawHabyyev, Resul
2017Efficacy of the legal frameworks for child protection in NigeriaDiriwari, Wilson Ola
2017Honour killings in Turkey: women’s rights, feminist approaches and domestic legislation at crossroadsKulahli, Ayse
2018The impact and challenges of Basel III implementation in Saudi ArabiaAlmuqati, Mohammed Marzouq
2020International Human Rights and Access to MedicinesKhan, Muhammad Danyal
2013Is green a part of the rainbow? Sharia, homosexuality and LGBT rights in the Muslim worldRehman, J; Polymenopoulou, E
2011Islamic financial outlook and the influence of religion on the lawRehman, J; Islamic Law and International Law Conference 2011
2013Recent developments in Pakistan: blasphemy laws, religious minorities and the case of Aasia BibiPolymenopoulou, E; Rehman, J
2013Recent developments in Pakistan: Sharia law & human rights: The case of Mukhtar MaiPolymenopoulou, E; Rehman, J
2019Religious Minorities of Pakistan: Report of a Parliamentary Visit 27 (September 2018 – 3 October 2018)Rehman, J