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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Jul-2017Academic engagement as knowledge co-production and implications for impact: Evidence from Knowledge Transfer PartnershipsRossi, F; Rosli, A; Yip, N
24-Nov-2020Does affective evaluation matter for the success of university-industry collaborations? A sentiment analysis of university-industry collaborative project reportsDe Silva, M; Rossi, F; Yip, NKT; Rosli, A
26Exaptation in a digital innovation ecosystem: the disruptive impacts of 3D printingBeltagui, A; Rosli, A; Candi, M
2019"Fitting in" vs "standing out": How Social Enterprises Engage with Stakeholders to Legitimise their Hybrid PositionRosli, A; Granados, ML
2018The long-term impact of engaged scholarship: How do SMEs capitalise on their engagement with academics to explore new opportunities?Rosli, A; de Silva, M; Rossi, F; Yip, N
10-Nov-2020Long-term innovation outcomes of university-industry collaborations: the role of ‘bridging’ vs ‘blurring’ boundary spanning practicesFederica, R; Muthu, DS; Ning, B; Rosli, A
Nov-2020The practice of "we": A framework for balancing rigour and relevance in entrepreneurship scholarshipKapasi, I; Rosli, A
2020Reframing Challenges of Academic Authorities Based on Resource Mobilization for Entrepreneurial OpportunitiesRosli, A; Chang, J
2021The role of universities in the development of the local knowledge base: supporting innovation ecosystems through skills development and entrepreneurshipRosli, A; Cacciolatti, L
21-Feb-2022Staying poor: Unpacking the process of barefoot institutional entrepreneurship failureGranados, M; Rosli, A; Manto, G
13-Sep-2019Strategic alliances and firm performance in startups with a social missionCacciolatti, L; Rosli, A; Ruiz-Alba, JL; Chang, J
2016Third-mission policy goals and incentives from performance-based funding: Are they aligned?Rosli, A; Rossi, F
2022The Web watches and remembers everything: The ethical implications of employee and customer digital footprints in SMEs performanceTabaghdehi, A; Ayaz-Arda, O; Rosli, A; Tambay, P