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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012A chemical screen identifies the chemotherapeutic drug topotecan as a specific inhibitor of the B-MYB/MYCN axis in neuroblastomaSottile, F; Gnemmi, I; Cantilena, S; D'Acunto, WC; Sala, A
2009Clusterin, a haploinsufficient tumor suppressor gene in neuroblastomasChakya, O; Corvetta, D; Dews, M; Caccamo, AE; Piotrowska, I; Santilli, G; Gibson, S; Sebire, NJ; Himoudi, N; Hogarty, MD; Anderson, J; Bettuzzi, S; Thomas-Tikhonenko, A; Sala, A
2016Cutaneous cylindroma: it's all about MYBCorda, G; Sala, A
2015Frizzled receptor 6 and risk of metastatic recurrence in early triple negative breast cancerCorda, Gabriele
2011Frizzled receptor 6 marks rare, highly tumourigenic stem-like cells in mouse and human neuroblastomasCantilena, S; Pastorino, F; Pezzolo, A; Chayka, O; Pistoia, V; Ponzoni, M; Sala, A
2017Functional and prognostic significance of the genomic amplification of frizzled receptor 6 ( FZD6 ) in breast cancerCorda, G; Sala, G; Lattanzio, R; Iezzi, M; Sallese, M; Fragassi, G; Lamolinara, A; Mirza, H; Barcaroli, D; Ermler, S; Silva, E; Yasaei, H; Newbold, RF; Vagnarelli, P; Mottolese, M; Natali, PG; Perracchio, L; Quist, J; Grigoriadis, A; Marra, P; Tutt, AN; Piantelli, M; Iacobelli, S; De Laurenzi, V; Sala, A
2017Generation of a novel Antibody-Drug Conjugate targeting endosialin: potent and durable antitumor response in sarcomaSala, A
2015Identification and pharmacological inactivation of the MYCN gene network as a therapeutic strategy for neuroblastic tumor cellsChayka, O; D'Acunto, CW; Middleton, O; Arab, M; Sala, A
2013Physical interaction between MYCN oncogene and polycomb repressive complex 2 (PRC2) in neuroblastoma: Functional and therapeutic implicationsCorvetta, D; Chayka, O; Gherardi, S; D'Acunto, CW; Cantilena, S; Valli, E; Piotrowska, I; Perini, G; Sala, A
2013Polyphenon E enhances the antitumor immune response in neuroblastoma by inactivating myeloid suppressor cellsSantilli, G; Piotrowska, I; Cantilena, S; Chayka, O; D'Alicarnasso, M; Morgenstern, DA; Himoudi, N; Pearson, K; Anderson, J; Thrasher, AJ; Sala, A
2016A promyelocytic leukemia protein-thrombospondin 2 axis and the risk of relapse in neuroblastomaDvorkina, M; Nieddu, V; Chakelam, S; Pezzolo, A; Cantilena, S; Leite, AP; Chayka, O; Regad, T; Pistorio, A; Sementa, AR; Virasami, A; Barton, J; Montano, X; Lechertier, T; Brindle, N; Morgenstern, D; LE Bras, M; Burns, A; Saunders, N; Hodivala-Dilke, K; Bagella, L; de The, H; Anderson, J; Sebire, N; Pistoia, V; Sala, A; Salomoni, P
2011The tumour-suppressive function of CLU is explained by its localisation and interaction with HSP60Chaiwatanasirikul, KA; Sala, A