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Title: Generation of a novel Antibody-Drug Conjugate targeting endosialin: potent and durable antitumor response in sarcoma
Authors: Sala, A
Keywords: target therapy;duocarmycin;sarcoma;ADC;endosialin
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Oncotarget
Abstract: The endosialin/CD248/TEM1 receptor is expressed on the cell surface of tumorassociated stroma cells as well as in sarcoma and neuroblastoma cells. This receptor is emerging as an attractive molecule in diagnostics and therapeutics because of its expression across the stroma of many human tumors, the low to absent expression in normal tissues and accessibility from the vascular circulation. In this study, we present evidence of the preclinical efficacy of a novel Antibody-Drug Conjugate (ENDOS/ADC). It consists of a humanized endosialin monoclonal antibody, named hMP-E-8.3, conjugated to a potent duocarmycin derivative. In endosialin expressing cancer cell lines, this ENDOS/ADC showed a powerful, specific and target-dependent killing activity. High expression levels of endosialin in cells correlated with efficient internalization and cytotoxic effects in vitro. Efficacy studies demonstrated that ENDOS/ADC treatment led to a long-lasting tumor growth inhibition of a cell linebased model of human osteosarcoma. Taken together, our results demonstrate that endosialin is an attractive target in sarcoma and suggest that ENDOS/ADC has the potential to be developed into a bio-therapeutic agent for these malignancies.
ISSN: 1949-2553
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